S192. Letting go and attracting are processes of growth


I met my twinflame via the internet. We found out that we lived close together. His eyes spoke and I kept looking at it … the feeling of coming home somewhere.

We almost broke up 3 times. We said goodbye for good, but we kept coming back together.1 time we were 2 months apart. Attract and repel.
We are on one line and we are talking about the deeper.

We both had no partner for 6 months. We had the same thoughts.

An obstacle was attracting and repelling, not speaking to each other, completely letting go and then coming back (like a magnet). Bam!

I was not ready for a new relationship, I would have to give up again, I was just on my way to stand on my own two feet, freedom. We have a band.

We release each other … he is always the one who visits me again. Even though we haven’t seen each other for a long time. One look in the eyes is enough and says enough. In the time that we let each other go, I do grow more and more.

What it has brought me is growing in me, interests about religions, being one with everything, giving and giving.

What I found most special was that we feel the same, know the same thing, he knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted.

In terms of eroticism we always want each other and there is no coercion or anything that holds us back. It is getting more and more intense.

He communicates with me remotely. He came into my life unexpectedly, we have been living close to each other for years, but we had never seen each other and he knows the people I know too.

We tried to break up forever but it just wasn’t allowed, something always brought us back together. The periods that we broke up were enormously sad. I have cried.

I know there is only 1 twinflame. I never go looking for love because it will come your way. Fate

If you have a twinflame you need very few words. When we are together we do not force each other on.
My tip is: Letting go and attracting are processes of growth , if GOD wants you to come together then it will come naturally, keep doing your own things in the meantime (no matter how difficult). Love, know that GOD always is with you, cry when it is needed, the other also thinks about you even though the person is not with you … you just feel it. I am 13 years old with my twinflame, but we are on 1 level … I have unconditional LOVE for him.