S191. The intensity of this has never been surpassed by anything


It was immediately clear, like a lightning strike. … complete confusion, ecstasy, hit by something immense. The intensity of this has never been surpassed by anything.
A relationship of … surrender, being complete together.
… I didn’t tell everything but he must have noticed. He has mentally failed to pay attention.
An obstacle was for us … the people around us.
He had a love affair, so did I but still chose my family.
… the agreement that our love is forever and that we will one day be together. Satisfactory; yes, because you know that the other person is there and thinks about you and loves you. No, because we cannot share our lives together.
What it brought me …an all-superlative feeling of love and surrender. The feeling of freedom.
The most special thing for me was the tangible energy of being close to each other and being complete in an embrace.
… a feeling that cannot be surpassed by anything else.
… we still have contact, until death.
… in my situation, happiness and pain alternate . Luck we have found each other and are forever connected to each other and the pain when you miss each other when you are not together.
My tip: … it is different for everyone how you will deal with this; do what is the healthiest for you so that you do not harm yourself.