Q1194. Recognition in each other?


I read on a regular basis that if you have actually met your twinflame you can feel each other, can read thoughts, if you think that he will do that to you, or if you think of him there will be a reaction. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true me. We feel very comfortable together and often have the same opinion, when we look at each other we drown in each other. I dream of him and he is often with me. There are so many signals that make it clear to me that he is my twinflame, but sometimes I doubt. How can I get certainty? We both have a relationship and that makes it complicated. I love him “dearly” and would prefer to be with him.

Answer 1
Trust your own inner knowing and all the signs that you get. It really makes sense!

Answer 2
Precisely because you have doubts, it can be a Twin Soul. You alone know the answer. That answer is in your heart. Remember the first moment you saw each other and then answer your question.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 3
If all the things that you mention in your question are correct then I have my twinflame in my life … if he also thinks of me when I do that to him, I don’t know but I think so. Listen very carefully to that little voice deep inside, look at how you feel in his presence, and then you know it. It is a very different kind of feeling than an ordinary crush.