S190. I saw everything in his eyes


I saw him and from the first second I knew that I had 1 life with him in the past – after a while, 3 more lives were added … he never saw it and did not recognize me … never.
That was very hard. Because I lived with those feelings from the past .. it became a strange way of love, as different as I knew it.

I often spontaneously shed tears for what had happened in those lives, told him what I knew and saw, tried to provoke if he knew something … he didn’t understand.
I felt like I had to keep it now, I had to keep it and I had to do well because he was taken away from me in another life and I couldn’t help him .. unfortunately it happened again this time ..

An obstacle in our relationship was ballast from previous connections in this life.

I learned, learned a lot – am content with what I have experienced …………

The most special thing I found was looking at each other – I saw everything in his eyes.

We resembled each other, had the same characteristics ourselves, such as birthmarks and wrinkles, but everything went wrong, the shape of our hands, our faces resembled each other.

I am not looking for a soul love again, that experience has been both painful and beautiful. I was up after breaking up and leaving this love, unable to think about another partner – my body still felt that of the other soul, could feel where this person was sitting, did, I even looked through his eyes ..
I don’t know what to expect either, the feeling of having found my soulmate was very intense

My Tips: soul people come together to learn from each other .. not many soulmates have a happy life with each other, stronger, most break up after completing or learning the ‘task’, it is difficult to ‘break up’ for the sense of unity will always be there. But is there also a present feeling that gives peace, something that indicates that it should be like that … it is a different farewell as with other ‘earthly’ loves. You feel sadness but also peace and that is a beautiful feeling, so beautiful that I often smiled at the thought of him