S186. We are both making great progress


We met at the hospital, we met just before he started to operate on me. I thought where do I know you from? And two days later I recognized him from a dream we were in, I had had that dream three weeks before the operation. A magnetic attraction, as if it were in the light, I heard the stories

music through my headphones no longer. The day after I had made a horoscope of the operation and in it I discovered a message that we had something very special, although I did not know what. The northern moon node in the 7th house and a kind of Yin Yang symbolism. I came to the conclusion 111 days after the operation on the last day that I had to go to his ward for a check-up, via a flash BZE (extrasensory experience), in which the photo I had seen of him on the internet and the message TWIN-SOUL. I went to that check with nodding knees !!! I suspect he discovered it 174 days after my BZE because then the phone rang the day after I told the internet about my and my twinflame’s dream. The Caller said nothing and I knew intuitively that he was calling,

The week after our meeting, my chakras opened, a heightened libido, e and kind of orgasm in my head with a rainbow of colors sprouting out of my skull roof. Natural high. I couldn’t eat for 10 days and wasn’t hungry yet. In addition, I was able to run 10 kilometers with the stitches still in my skin. Studying day and night, an incredible concentration. The first crying about the (our joint) past. He was present energetically (astral body) three times 5 minutes, a powerful presence. I thought wow you are strong again! After a week it became normal again, which I thought was a shame. A month later my kundalini started flowing and I occasionally got telepathic contact. Until half a year after meeting, people thought that I looked bright. I tried to find information about him on the internet and I succeeded in no time.I then tried to push it away from me but, just like a ball that you try to hold under water, the harder you push with the greater force it springs back! Then I just surrendered to it. And I thought what will happen that will only happen. Our meeting was planned precisely and what comes afterwards perhaps even more precisely. I could see the humor in it. We are protected, no accidents can happen and everything happens with the best intention also for third parties. I do not speak up and the more people warn me to be careful and to be careful the closer our spiritual bond becomes. When I could start releasing I discovered one after the other. The more I discovered the happier I became!I found the first year after our meeting very difficult, had to process a lot in a short time but also a journey of discovery, so say, do you have a moment ??? I got a lot of anger and sorrow for the one I had searched for, found and left on the other side of the world more than 25 years before our meeting, and I regretted that. What a missed opportunity! Now I know that that person, me and twinflame had a triangular relationship almost 400 years ago. Due to a temporarily reduced mental resistance I have had shingles, one and a half week long and exactly on my heart. I thought I had unstable angina! I suddenly didn’t like dairy anymore and I got very warm palms. My clarity and clarity have increased.

A love affair is clearly out of the question and I don’t get anything from the future, so I don’t know that. I have sometimes been asked “please leave me alone, you now have nothing to handle me, too much (also from our past lives)”, and then indeed the spiritual contact diminished for a while, my other half felt that and listened to it.

We have a spiritual relationship and we have a joint mission, sooner or later we will be deployed for a higher purpose, I have gradually become increasingly convinced of this.

I was always a first class in vetter and now I dare to show my emotions. I have nothing in the sense of profit or loss, even in my personal development I have become selfless. I make no demands, not on him and not on myself. Sometimes I am afraid that I will become too strong, that that is not good either. Or that I become arrogant, imagine that I am further than he is in terms of spiritual development. We are both making great progress, and we have to. I was once predicted that I was in my last life. I have heard that twinflames meet in their last life here on earth, well voilà….

The most special …: I find it exciting, the combination of ordinary sober daily life with child and business, to keep my head above water and at the same time that deeper layer that is increasingly coming to the surface. That it all fits together in such an incredibly beautiful way, it is like a kind of higher math, an ordinary mortal cannot think of it, there is a kind of supreme soul that brings us together, we just have to be there and the rest goes without saying …

can best describe the soul love feeling as bliss mixed with nostalgia for the original state of being of our soul. Saudade (nostalgia or nostalgia; editorial). Sometimes I have to go to bed already at 9 p.m., emotionally exhausted in a pleasant way, far too much is happening between our soul halves, they are also so happy with each other! I don’t worry about disturbing “their” happiness, that’s how I feel it …

I don’t need another relationship, this contact goes too deep for that. In my current state of development it would also be a very stupid maneuver, useless and unnecessary, that’s how I feel.

k say increasingly “So I feel that” while it was previously, “what I think” . I see things through my eyes and then through his eyes. And I start thinking more and more along the lines of “We” or “One of us both”. That does not stand in the way of my social functioning, but in the meantime I sometimes secretly think: Ha you should know, you would think that I have gone crazy!

My tip: Confucius already said: The world is ruled by signs and symbols instead of laws and rules. Watch and study them. They belong to you / you. This, experiencing your (twin) soul love, is the most personal and intimate thing there is. We probably do not realize how much we all know ourselves, the art is to take some distance, throw the ego overboard and above all have PATIENCE and see the humor in it. Nature always strives for balance, however skewed. So don’t be fooled by a crooked relationship, sooner or later (soul is timeless) things will be set up and made good. Even if it is 400 years later! Twinflames must have a strong heart because it is a highly charged energy that comes together from both sides, try to make your heart strong and strong. And my experience is that the more plant-based I eat, the easier the spiritual channels open. A bit of alcohol gives me inspiration, with a little more I close myself off.