Q1207. Kun je er ooit weer een liefdesrelatie op nahouden, na een relatie met je tweelingziel?


My twinflame is a woman almost twice as old as me. I’m a woman too. She appears to have Borderline syndrome and is therefore unpredictable in her emotions and behavior. Living with her is impossible from so many points of view: gender, age, Borderline, and occupation too. The time together was very beautiful, educational and very difficult, yet I know that I neither love her always and that this love is eternal. I am now in my seventh year processing and although I had always repelled a physical relationship and now I feel that I can finally live my own life too (that would not be as intense as with her) and let her go, she came the moment I let her go in my dream and we had sex with each other in the astral. I think I’m doing much better now. She is still struggling with the same problems. I would love to be able to share everything with her again – all my feelings, thoughts are my whole. It is difficult for me to accept that I could no longer do so due to circumstances such as work, borderline, gender, age. Recently we have been in contact again by chance I help her with her work. It’s hard to look into her eyes and not pour out your heart