S185. I was hit hard by myself


I discovered my soul love through a partner site, the photo attracted me and I felt very calm, that’s how we got in touch and started chatting and emailing, and everything felt good, I knew how he thought, I felt him simply, this was my first experience.
We also wrote many things the same at the same time, that happened a lot even, he also knew perfectly how I felt and how I thought. It was strange, but confidential. When we met, it was like coming home from a long journey, I was not afraid it was perfect.

It felt good, calmly confidential, finally i emand who understood me without words , who hugged me without explanation, he was there in every way. He often said that I was a whirlwind, and that I sometimes went too fast, but everything just happened, I had no control over myself.

I was no longer in a relationship, I was actually divorced, and can’t talk about it with few or anyone, they don’t understand.
In fact, we had no relationship yet, we wanted to work towards it and it was about to happen when another suddenly told me that she was in love with him and he had to break all contact with me, because they knew that I apparently was the one.

Obstacles … actually none, only his girlfriend

We both wanted a love affair, because it was right that everything was right and I still believe in it, if he has walked his way.
We actually have nothing anymore, his current girlfriend forbids it, and he does not trust himself, I do not know if he is happy now, I miss him immensely, it feels like I have lost part of myself, and if I will never love again meet who I want, the pain remains very bad

It has taught me what I want in love and that is not easy, high-level love and reserved for few. It has helped me a lot and especially a lot of pain, cutting the knife on two sides, on the one hand I am happy and on the other I am sorry.

The most special thing is that everything happened without words, I even knew his favorite food just like that, it was there, complete.

In terms of eroticism it was erotic, not yet sex, but it was perfect, we knew what was good and what we wanted, and at the same time we could just look at each other, weird
it was much more intense than in other relationships.

For me, the feeling of soul love is like the deeper, more intense, as if everything falls into place, my heart and soul, my reason for existence itself.

The relationship has ended, it is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and the most painful
thing is that I never get over it. He had a good friend and she knew about me and that he was coming on a weekend, it was fantastic and when he got home she told him she had fallen in love with him, and he no longer knew what he felt, but because he had known her for some time, he wanted to give it a chance because he thought I was on a fast train, it was frightening for him, he said, yet he knew that we were soulmates, because he had first joined, I still have it never experienced it and he did, and yet, that’s why he can’t even have contact with me anymore

I’m actually looking for a soul love again, but the problem is the person himself was fantastic and I fear that the bar is very high.

I wonder if it will work out well between us, if he should come back and realize that I am the one and that he should not be afraid.

I noticed something right away, but afterwards I came to realize that it was my love of soul. I experienced it when two magnets were drawn towards each other, the confronting mirror, the recognition / recognition, the feeling of that person … and I experienced everything much more intensely than with an ordinary love.
The moment I saw my soul love for the first time, I had a relationship.
We had a short-lived relationship.
Our obstacles were that we both have fear of attachment because in previous relationships and already further down in the past we have been repeatedly hurt. Another obstacle was that we are the confronting mirror of each other.
We were initially very uninhibited in it no sex relationship, but also not each other’s permanent partner, I called it a golden afternoon relationship … he over time a relationship
We have no relationship at all, it has been attracting and repelling for 7 months. , I felt unsatisfied for a long time, but now that I have read a lot about fear of attachment and soul love, I can give it a place and let go … what belongs to you will come back

What brought it to me is that I was hit hard with myself, so that I started to take it easy and to think carefully about myself and my life.

The most special thing I found was that contact time and time again as the first time, and the sex was not to be called sex but something heavenly something pure, together being one at that time. It goes much deeper much more intense, often I also said I don’t need sex with you to get an orgasm .. his presence alone could drive me crazy.

For me, the feeling of love for my soul is: deep touching, pure, heavy, sadness, great, unconditional, I have the feeling that we are going to cross each other’s paths again..and we are ready for it.
We found the feelings that were added too complex to be confronting, I still miss him every day after 7 months, a bit of yourself, but also peace since the personal confrontation every time ..

I am not looking for such a deep love again, this must happen to you and you cannot force it.

My tip: I would say: follow your intuition even though the feeling says differently, pay attention to signals.