Q0703. Tell feelings?


Is it important from the honesty that you let your twin know what your feelings are? I would really like to tell and talk to her about it but is this wise?

Answer 1
It is important and honest when you tell her your feelings, but be careful when you can best say that to her, because she might be scared and she would not want to see you again. I would be very careful when and what you can say to her. The feelings that twinflames have are so intense and intense that they can see from you how intense they are and she has probably never experienced that intensity and that can scare her off. If you really love her, you just know how to handle it. Good luck because it is the most beautiful thing there is, soul love. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes certainly, do it in a very careful way. Start very quietly. (Unknown)

Answer 3
That depends on a few things I think. Can you assess whether she can handle it and whether she is open to the concept of twinflames? Or do you just want to say that you have feelings for her without mentioning this? I know about my soul love that he hides his feelings away from me and can only face them when he has drunk something and when he is sleeping. Speaking to each other is not even necessary with us since we know each other without words. But sometimes I would like to get that unambiguous confirmation. I think that’s human. I fear that this is not going to happen for the time being. It makes things too explicit for both of us, and it is not yet time for that. Will come, that’s for sure. (Unknown)

Answer 4
From the honesty? wise? If you want to be wise then you have to emigrate, then you know for sure that you are not making earthly mistakes, Love is not wise, Love IS. You know best how you and your twin are in the process and whether you are open to it and whether you can handle it or not. I think that you have to be far in the process to share this together, I can only speak for myself, but I have been able to share it with my twin for a long time without expectations (I would also like to), only he was there not ready yet. I now also understand why that was, I hope he will be ready at some point, I just wait and see. Oh yes, if I had only been sensible all my life, I would know for sure that I would not have found myself love (Victoria)

Answer 5
No, that doesn’t change your honesty, tell or not. I wouldn’t do it. You know everything about each other. The longer the energetic contact with your twin, the better he notices it, feelings can come in hard when he is not ready. (Who knows)

Answer 6
If everyone could live from his feeling (heart and soul) instead of from his head (being sensible) then the world would have looked a lot better, I think, a nice task for twins to be an example in this. (Unknown)

Answer 7
My answer is: share feelings. Would like my twin to share his feelings and talk to me about it. Whether it is wise? I used to be ‘wise’ and denied our love. I regret that. With us it is also the second round. I really need to bring my feelings into the light (instead of just energetically / through this site with the necessary noise). And wants to know what the process does to him. I also think it is a closure .. through which we can continue without each other. I am very grateful for his love and the development that I am going through, no matter how painful. I see the future with my family (and the life task that I partly discovered through him and where my partner feels that he should help me) very positively. And the honesty towards my partner has given me a fresh start to our relationship. I had never thought this at the beginning of the process .. So to all struggling twins: there is light at the end of the tunnel! (Unknown)

Answer 8
You know, I too fell (deeply in my opinion) into the deep when I told Twin about my feelings, time and time again, don’t even know if he realized it. It did not suit me at all, with my norms and values ​​at the time and I did not think it was sensible at all, and yet I did it, I MUST follow my heart, it almost seemed as if I had nothing to say about it myself. I also knew that he will understand me because he feels the same way. Great was the shock that he told his partner, immediately, as if it meant nothing. That the “load” of the message did not come across at all, I could also tell by the way his partner reacted towards me the next day. And although I could understand it intellectually, my soul felt betrayed even more because he also denied it. And although my twin couldn’t handle it at all, with my sincerity, I knew for sure that he was very happy inside! with my declaration of love, so that he was not alone in this. And I have never regretted it because it has brought me to where I am now, you can only really share this with 1 person, in love, unconditionally and without being judged. So if you both want and can handle I have 1 advice, do it! (Unknown) So if you both want and can handle I have 1 advice, do it! (Unknown) So if you both want and can handle I have 1 advice, do it! (Unknown)

Answer 9
What are you afraid of? (Unknown)

Answer 10
To answer 6 these are my words … completely true. Love (unknown)

Answer 11
What I am afraid of is that she cannot deal with my feelings, that I am rejecting her, I am looking for somewhere to confirm her feelings towards me. I know and feel that it is there, but a feeling is a feeling and people are simply rational beings who want to have everything explained and clarified. I want to continue with her as my mate that I finally found after all these years … so careful. (Unknown)

Answer 12
Only tell when you are very sure that the other person can do something with it, because I agree with the reaction that something as real as a sledgehammer can come in, even though someone knows it unknowingly. The naming then makes it really inescapable, fixed, whatever it IS of course, but you have to be ready for that. So feel very well in yourself whether that moment is already there. You know that deep in your heart. Twins really know this from each other without saying it, you don’t have to doubt that. Yet I also feel the need to tell him, but only when the moment is there. Then I will know and then I will speak with my mouth. Until then I speak with my eyes and body. (Unknown)

Answer 13
I agree with the previous answers. She must be open to it, know that you share something special with each other. And be ready. If my twin wants to tell, I am open to that, I would like to get in touch with twin and would love it if you could just talk about it with each other. Then I can say what my feelings are, but I hope he knows / feels that. (I sometimes try via that line, but that remains a bit vague) And yes indeed you also want confirmation via words, it is difficult to fully trust your feelings. Good luck whatever you decide. (Unknown)