S172. I have learned how important some things are in life and which are actually unimportant


We met on vacation, my twinflame also discovered this at the moment.

My partner could handle it in the beginning, but when things got worse my partner found it difficult. I think he became jealous!

Experienced many feelings, my twinflame already knew what was going on after a word from me. Calling every day sometimes three times a day. It just feels very good, safe. An unconditional love , a very confusing feeling for me. Help each other take turns listening.
We want to hear from each other all the time. Seeing each other is difficult because we live far apart. But we are together in our thoughts. We know that this has not been a coincidence and when I read about twinflames there was immediate recognition.

I still have a relationship with my twinflame. We visit each other and it seems that we are not strangers to each other. A friendship relationship / unconditional love, hard to put into words.

I find an obstacle that other people who absolutely do not understand this, think that this is not possible. Jokes that are made, such as that we are in love with each other, etc.
And the distance is an obstacle, we have just discovered that we are twinflames, and I learn a lot from him.

I already have a relationship, I would like a relationship with my soul love, but this is not possible. My twinflame is incurably ill and does not have long on this earth.

Our relationship is a very good friendship, love, actually much more than friendship, real love, but not sexual.
I still have a lot to it. I have learned how important some things are in life and which are actually unimportant. There are love, friendship for that other person.

Beautiful and special things happen every day. Everything is special. Just listening to each other and feeling each other without words. Contact with each other, this should have been the case.

I find it very difficult to tell others about it and also for your partner. Not difficult to tell, but you are usually not understood. It is laughed about and something bad is turned into something bad.

Me tip: Enjoy it and don’t let others discourage you.
A twinflame feels good, safe. You know the moment you meet him / her that this belongs to you. Don’t let others turn something good into something bad