Q0967. How do you find out what your joint assignment is?


Can you somehow find out what your assignment is that you and your twin have? I am in good contact with my higher self and my guides, can I ask them? Or is that something you don’t get an answer to and you may not know before the time comes?

Answer 1
Yes you will find out, that is not only possible, it MUST even be, it goes through a dream or an image via ESP. And earlier, something more unconscious, through signs or people on your path. If the time is right, not sooner and not later. With the two of us (twinflames): I get the message and pass it on to my twin. Prometheus and Epimetheus. With me it started 2006 and it (the assignment) will only happen around the end of 2013 at the earliest. It is actually like women who, a year before they get pregnant, get a maternal appearance, that announces itself and they may be totally unaware that they are going to become mothers. It comes as a thief in the night and it becomes an eye opener for you. You may not know that until the time comes, but in the near future, with us it will be more than 1 year in advance.
(Who knows)

Answer 2
What is your deepest wish? Think it’s time to go inside. Also listen to special dreams.

Answer 3
Thank you answer 1 and 2! I asked this question and I am very curious what our assignment will be. I understand very well that the time must be right to know this. I do, however, often have clear dreams that I write down, including my twinflame, and from that I already get things that I then have difficulty placing. Are they things from the past or from the future? Sometimes it is even things from the present, the now, things that happen exactly. Telepathy therefore. At the moment I get to see the letter P very often and everywhere on license plates wherever our initials are written, and I have no idea what that P could mean. But tonight I drove in the car again, saw countless number plates with that combination and asked my guide what it meant. Immediately afterwards I saw a large billboard with the text “prefer to talk to each other” (from the union against swearing) with two white swans who also make a heart shape with their necks … and then I had to laugh inside. Just Google that text. I think these kinds of signals are really fantastic. Hmm, answer 2, I have to make an inner journey inside. This is best if I am in between sleeping and waking.

Answer 4
Answer 3 (and the questioner?) I must add that I may also have become clear-knowing since the kundalini woke up with me, that happened June 21, 2008 midsummer night, and I met my twin consciously March 28, 2008 I have become somewhat convinced over time that this awakening has to do with my role as a “guide”.
(Who knows)

Answer 5
@ 4; I understand what you mean Wieweet, I am from answer 3 and the questioner. The kundaline energy has also awakened with me, this happened in May 2010. From that moment on, I have also undergone an immense development in terms of knowing and feeling clearly. Every day I am amazed that I get things that I just couldn’t know. I have not received any information about our joint assignment so far. But that will come. The only thing I know is that I also have a kind of guiding / guiding role in relation to my twinflame, but that someday it will be equalized. I now have that role. I also recently discovered what one of my past lives looked like. By bizarre coincidences. But coincidence does not exist, I already knew that.

Answer 6 A.
3. Yes, with the letter combinations that seems familiar to me! Thank you, I also had ‘our’ letters a few times and then the letter P, so now I understand where it stores. Then I am in the car and then it appears and then I always have to laugh and then I look up and then I think ooh lord tell me hihi, P maybe from Pad or something? twinflame and I hardly talk to each other ‘really’, when we see each other, we greet each other, also because there are people around us. Love and thanks.

Answer 7 The most
important lesson is to set priorities for yourself. Pursue goals. The lessons come naturally on your path and you will automatically gain insight into what your lessons are in this.
(Alicia S.)