S168. He has shown me that I should not be afraid to express my feelings and to show who I really am and want to be


When I took over the company where I work, I got to know my soulmate. I felt a click during the first time we met. I have clearly felt that he felt that connection between us too, but perhaps he is not yet ready to make that connection.
I felt and heard such a fierce click that I was completely overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts. since then I have been growing more and more in my desire for contact.
At the moment we are still colleagues, but hopefully it can grow into a close and intense friendship and, if it is destined, an intense love affair.

Communication proved to be very difficult, because it is difficult to hold personal conversations at work. We have both taken the initiative to get to know each other better, but unfortunately this has not happened due to misunderstanding, and perhaps that will never happen.
During my divorce I told that I thought I had met my soul love. My ex-husband thought it was very nice and also allowed me to get to know him better.
I would like nothing more than a love affair with my soul love, but he has recently had a girlfriend. He did, however, clearly give the impression that he is curious about me, unfortunately we have not yet come to investigate our band
We are still colleagues, that is not enough for me, I long to get to know my soul love even better and I know he would have wanted that too

I now realize how wonderful it is to love someone so intensely, without actually knowing that person well. but actually we know who we are from each other and that such an encounter has a cosmic reason.
can now make much better decisions for myself, because he has shown me that I should not be afraid to express my feelings and to show who I really am and want to be.
The most special thing for me is the feeling that you know exactly what the other person is thinking and feeling without saying a word. And to feel that intense love for each other, this completely changed me on the inside and I started to radiate that and exactly the same goes for him.
The soul love feeling is divine, intense, loving and understanding, being together.

My tip: if you meet someone where you experience and feel that recognizable intense love, don’t hesitate. listen to your feelings, try to find out if the person is also on the same spiritual level and also feels that love. But take it easy , because it is already intense enough and by forcing it on, it can destroy that tire.