Q0815. Does anyone have advice?


For a moment I am completely lost. Almost three years ago I met my twin for the first time. I knew very vaguely who he was through our communal school, but had never seen or spoken to him there. Like most twins, we also went through the process of attracting and shedding and since a few months I have been able to observe the complete merger with the change process. It is also true that I have felt it very strongly since the merger. How he sees things, what image he has of the world and himself, of which he is afraid, and so .. Now I know that there must be a reason why we found each other again after we were at the same school but each other there never seen, just now I have met a soulmate where the feelings are so intense that it sometimes seems as if he could be my twin. It is not because I mark it in small details, we are not identical, but we are almost the same! . It is actually even better that I have the feeling that, should I not know about the existence of my twin, he would see him as the man of my life. The man I want to have children with. (while I never had that thought with my twin) He is definitely what I fall for and I may even say that I am in love. But why did I have to meet my twin and still be so young? (We are in our early twenties) I do not feel the crush as with that soulmate, but I love him incredibly much. If he wasn’t my twin, I think I would not fall for him and my soulmate is (even without being a soulmate) someone for whom I could fall. Does this make sense? What would the purpose of this be? Why am I just getting to know such a soulmate that makes me very attracted? Have others experience with this because I am completely lost! Love