S160. He has made me feel complete in the near future


Before I met him I could be very sad at times because I felt that my ‘soulmate’ was not on this earth. I had a hard time and felt that I only had to go through life to find my inner strength. Then I met him at a festival where he literally jumped into his arms for a photo. I felt a close relationship with him, but the only thing I knew about him was his name. The following days I just had to get in touch with him and left a message on the festival forum that was accidentally read by his best friend. I have the impression that he does not immediately realize this and is not as far with the discovery that I am.
I now experience it as a kind of puzzle that slowly falls together.Sometimes it hurts a lot when I don’t see him but when I see him I feel intensely happy. I feel him so closely in everything and sometimes it seems like half a word is enough to know how he feels. It seems like he knows all my ins and outs in such a short time and sometimes makes statements that amaze me. But have the impression that he does not yet realize that it is me…. his twinflame. We are still very much in a push and pull phase, but I know that I have to let him go sometimes for his own development and activities. Difficult and very painful but oddly enough when I let it go … he visits me again.
My relationship was ended just before that, but the contact with my ex was still very strong. When I met my twinflame I felt that I had to break the bond with my ex in some way because he would not understand this and would become jealous

We don’t really have a relationship with each other yet, but we do see each other regularly. Having sex with each other feels very intense, not about sex and more about merging , the feeling that we want to get under each other’s skin. I feel it more like a long run-up to a relationship to come, a kind of certainty that we will be together for a long period of time and leave this earth together.

The past that he carries with him is a major stumbling block. He has a hard time dealing with all those emotions and letting them go. The conversations we often have with each other are often about that. I try to help him overcome these emotions by giving them a place in his life and making him realize that life will not always be tough. Step by step he seems to be making progress … alone … often falls back … because of the death of his grandmother this week he shuts me out again and that hurts me. I feel that he is very sad (even though I don’t see him) but it hurts me that he cannot share this with me

My feeling and his feeling both say yes .. only with both with a but. Because of relationships from the past, we both have the feeling that we first empty our full backpack and only then unconditionally choose each other. For me it feels ok and for him too. We both enjoy our liberties and activities. My feeling says that this can become a very strong relationship because we keep each other in balance.

He has given me the feeling of being complete in the near future and that makes me so happy. I no longer have the feeling that my soulmate was not on this earth … I just hadn’t met him yet. And suddenly out of nowhere he is there … right in front of me and not even having to look for it.

I find several things special … but 1 in general … when we just met, he would come and see me. Then he did not come and did not hear anything. I was very sad that night. That night I dreamed that he had come by anyway and had left me two balloons, one white and one pink, both floating together in my bedroom against the ceiling. I woke up intensely happy and therefore did not blame him for whatever reason he had. When I told him this, he smiled and said he had found it hard to come to me that night because he experienced us so intensely. He found it difficult to let me know and so I did not hear anything with the expectation and hope that I would understand. I did, however, have a strong presence in his mind.

I certainly experience sex with him differently than with others. The feeling is very intense and the feeling of wanting to crawl under each other’s skin. It is something that brought us together but does not connect. He once answered a question I asked via msn that it was not about sex but about the feeling I had with him. He replied … that I didn’t have to explain that, because he knew that, right?

The soul love feeling in 1 sentence…. it feels outside of this world and certainly not earthy.
Our relationship is coming for life. definitely