S140. Soul love feels like the most intense and exciting experience in my life, which has brought me a lot of growth


We met by chance, at an opening of an exhibition, we were very interested in each other and it felt very familiar. After the first meeting I had trouble sleeping and eating, I was constantly thinking of e-mailing, and the first home meeting was very pleasant, and at the second time it turned out that we could not keep it platonic, which was the approach. The number 11 played a very large role in the seizures, there were many seizures. Also birth dates and constellations that coincided and many other symbols.
My partner had a hard time with it, could not imagine it, within no time we had a free marriage because it could not be otherwise. We kept communicating openly about it.

It was an intense passionate love relationship. Obstacles were the confrontation with our bad habits, the attraction and rejection, the doubt with the partner and therefore the uncertainty of mine. Fear of losing this rare love, being confronted with rejection pain.

We wanted a love relationship, not a love affair, he had a girlfriend and a sweet man, but the attraction was greater, we attracted each other like magnets.
At the moment we have nothing, just as necessary for me, want peace after this very turbulent time, but it is a big loss. In my heart I want to continue with him unconditionally, I have the confrontations for it, as long as he would fully choose me, but he does not. I’m releasing, very difficult.

What it has brought me is enormous spiritual and spiritual growth, I have become much more confident, more powerful and more communicative, I have much more energy, no migraine and more headaches , many blockages have been solved.

I think the most special thing is the first time that we made love and it went so naturally and was familiar and really wanted to merge. Eroticism is much more passionate, especially the smell is great. Soul love feels like the most intense and exciting experience in my life, which has brought me a lot of growth.

That the relationship is ended feels like a loss, ended because the partner does not clearly choose me. And I feel very insecure about this and the feeling is thrown back and forth . I don’t bring it up anymore, want peace. For now I just don’t want anything with this kind of relationships, I want to focus on earthly things, become more grounded.
Soul love is incredibly beautiful but also incredibly difficult and others understand little or nothing about it. A very lonely event in a certain sense, but would not have missed it.

My tip: Have a reading done, then you can get confirmation of your feelings, in my case there was talk of soul kinship, two previous lives were described, very enlightening.
I played it very openly to my husband and that maintained the trust in each other, so that I hope we can continue. It has also given my husband growth, but it was very difficult for him. In short, high peaks and very deep valleys.