S149. What it has brought me is unconditional love. Learn to let go


I met my twinflame with friends. At the first embrace we felt deeply connected, the energy was flowing so violently and that has not gone away. He named what he felt, and everything he said was exactly what I felt.
It was intense, pure bliss in being together but intense pain in letting go.
He is in a relationship and tells me we will be together someday. My feeling tells me that I will wait for him but the waiting hurts me. Just letting go will help me now.
We both want a love affair, but the circumstances are not right now. We have no relationship, while we would both like this. It hurts me, but we will have to let go of each other (for the time being).
What it has brought me is unconditional love. Learn to let go.
The feeling is intense and all-embracing, dark and light.