Q0936. Something that tells you that you are on the right track?


Insights rewarded? After three-quarters of a year it was the day before yesterday: during my lunch break I came across my twinflame again. Because we both had limited break time, it was only a brief glance and a fleeting greeting. He walked alone and I had a colleague with me. It may sound paradoxical, but it was more than enough to see him and I felt little need to chat. The fact that someone is always with us is the problem with us. In addition, I am not yet ready for a real 1 on 1 meeting. It is impossible for him to speak, so I do not. But the fact is that I was immediately overwhelmed by a ‘knowing’ that meeting him is a gift for all the insights I have recently integrated into my life. So I am almost certain that I am on the right track. Now, two days later I feel a lot of love and I am even more aware of my task in this life. I also feel the connection between us stronger than ever, making me ec! I know for sure that he and I are twins with the mission to send this unconditional love into the world. Which of you also experiences something that makes you know that you are on the right track and that you never have to doubt your connectedness again?

Answer 1
Hi Bloem, I recognize everything that you write. Yes, I often get signs that I am on the right track and that he and I are really twinflames. I also recognize that you don’t even need to talk to each other as necessary, a brief glance is enough. But the reverse is also sometimes the case; that I MUST see him. Yesterday he called to ask if he could stop by. But we just had to leave. I was disappointed because I wanted to see it for a moment. I hope it works today, but I can get frustrated by that. Nothing happens for no reason, so we’ll see each other again some time. Above all, I cannot stand the feeling that others around us seem to be preventing meetings between us (unknowingly yet). Occasionally the universe cooperates on my side and we still see each other in a wonderful way. Those are the gems of moments that you do it for. They are rare but therefore so valuable. Just like your Friday meeting with your twinflame. ! That is a gift for you after the universe, it tells you that you are comfortable and that you should continue.