P0501. That feeling


Oh yes I felt it
and I still feel it
Why did it have to end like this?
I think it is terrible that you now think that I feel the same for someone else
Because that is not so
but I cannot tell
you anymore You do not allow me anymore
you wanted me out of your life
you wanted to close this chapter
you wanted peace
and I do you want that.

Oh how I miss you and how it hurts.
Why did this have to end this way?
I cannot let you go because you are a part of me.
I’m sure you can’t let go of me either, so why do we pretend that we don’t exist?

Know that I love you enormously
Know that I will always love you no matter what.
Because this is true love.
I have faith too. Trust that everything will be fine again.
Someday we 2 will walk into the future with the two of us, hand in hand, beaming with happiness.

My dear, take the rest you need.
Try to become happy.
Enjoy the little things in life
Think of me, and then feel the warmth around you.
I love you !