Q1029. How can you fool your partner in the long term?


Do you play a role in the presence of your partner all the time that you do have feelings for him or her? Or the feelings just don’t matter anymore because you still feel your twinflame instead of your partner. How do you deal with that?

Answer 1
Why should it be either / or? Here it is and / and. I love my partner and my twinflame.

Answer 2
After all, it is not the case that a twin elite comes into your life that your partner’s love would be over. Love has a different shape and intensity.

Answer 3
I do not fool my partner and I do not play that I have feelings for him. I have had feelings for my partner for years and that is not a big deal, even if you meet a twinflame that you will also get feelings for. I find it difficult that I also love him a lot and I don’t want to hurt him, I don’t want to see him like that. I also know that that will happen sooner or later, but then I want to tell it in a good way. Now I can’t do that yet. I still have too much doubt, many things still unclear, it is not the right time yet. I have also had a dream and when I start thinking about the meaning, I still have a few years left.

Answer 4
Yes, what should I say to that? It’s not fooled, but I do have feelings for two men while my husband doesn’t know that. Nobody knows that. I don’t pretend to my husband, because there is love between us and I love him. But sometimes twinflame comes in between when we are in bed, and he (tz) is already in my head 24 hours a day anyway. You can’t do anything about that, it’s just there. The one time I have absolutely no trouble living with two loves, and the other time I don’t tolerate my husband so well around me. Who recognizes that?

Answer 5
Recently, after 30 years, I no longer shy away from my twin and I even look for him. I love my partner very much and try to be as open as possible. But I cannot tell everything and I have great difficulty with that. Lying or hiding things does not suit me. And being honest is very painful at the moment. My partner is worried about the things I tell and is afraid that I will leave. However, that is not the case. I really want to make the subject open for discussion, but I find that quite difficult. At the same time, I get to know my twin better and I get desperate. Is he my twin or has he been playing with my feelings for 30 years and do I just have a naive fantasy?

Answer 6
I have been fooling my fantastic wife for years. I met my soulmate 4 years ago. Since then my emotional life has changed completely. I still think my wife is an incredibly fine woman, you simply can’t get better! But my sexual desire really goes out to my soulmate. I haven’t had sex with my wife for ages. I just can’t do it anymore … But our communication is really great. Apart from the physical communication then … The actual lessons that I have to face in this life are given to me by my soulmate. Heavy and painful lessons that I am still working on. But the past year I have grown immensely. From 75 to 90 kilos higher consciousness.

Answer 7
I know from experience that it is very difficult to have a twinflame during your marriage to someone else. I wish you all a lot of strength.

Answer 8
That after 30 years you will not shy away from your twin and have waited so long for him, it is clear that you feel a lot for him and no they are not inspired feelings that you have for him, but you now accept bit by bit that you will not fail to contact him. It is difficult to estimate how the contact will proceed and the reaction of your twin can be very intense and the confrontation can also be very intense from you. I think it’s great that you love your husband very much and don’t want to lose him, because my experience is that since I met twin my marriage only got better, only at the beginning of my twin’s meeting did it go bad between my wife and me. It is very difficult for partners to accept what exactly is going on, but if you love each other very much, then the relationship will last. You will love your twin more than your partner and guilt feelings are not justified, because the data! The lens for your twin happens to you and you do not choose your twin, and your partner does. That’s the big difference. I only saw my twin again after 29 years and the feelings are still the same for her. Only after the second meeting the feelings have only become stronger. I hope to see her again and to speak that I would really like. Strength, because it is top sport Only after the second meeting the feelings have only become stronger. I hope to see her again and to speak that I would really like. Strength, because it is top sport Only after the second meeting the feelings have only become stronger. I hope to see her again and to speak that I would really like. Strength, because it is top sport

Answer 9
My opinion: Feeling for twinflame is always the strongest. Because there is still a lesson to be learned with the current partner, that feeling can feel “less”. The question deep down is whether it is fair to yourself and your partner. Precisely because of fear, people stay with their own partner. Afraid to stand alone, afraid of giving up a partner for nothing … etc. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things in order to achieve your goal. An important lesson is learning to be independent and to achieve your own goals.
(Alicia Stuprijck)