S137. You get to know yourself again


I was not yet familiar with the fact soul love. Because I met my soul love, I searched the Internet and ended up on this site. Then it was immediately clear to me that it was my soul love. I never talked to her about it. I think she will feel it without knowing that it is soul love.

We were both lucky that we had no relationship when we met.

A lot has happened. I met her at the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany, in Dortmund. We met each other in the dining room of the Westfalenhalle, where a large shelter had been set up. We talked for half an hour, nothing more. We have exchanged E-mail addresses, and since then we have emailed daily, and later also chat. She lives in the Far East, so we are a long way apart. It took us more than a year to meet again. The wish was there, but several times something came up. This summer we met again, and within 2 days the spark really broke. Although it was more fireworks, than a spark. We spent the rest of the vacation in a rush.Without being hindered by anything, we could experience each other’s unconditional love. That is really the best thing you can experience. We didn’t even talk that much, that wasn’t necessary either, we understood each other so well. We look alike in many things, despite the enormous distance, the different culture, etc. We both love silence, both around us and in ourselves, we both love the same music, we love sports, and we both love ice cream. Sometimes those crazy things that we also have in common.

These two weeks have made a huge impression on both of us. In November I will visit her in her own country. Both our lives have been totally turned upside down. We feel so much unconditional love for each other that we also radiate that around us. And others notice that. Our life will never be the same. And it enriches us enormously. I never knew that love can be so strong and so beautiful. Despite the fact that we occasionally had to take a few bumps, the future looks bright. We definitely do not want to lose each other, although we do not yet know how to proceed in view of the distance. But time will tell. Releasing is the only solution here.
We are both terribly in love, and we never want to lose each other again. The future will have to learn how it goes.
The cultural difference is clearly noticeable here and there. That can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, but we have always solved them well. Flexibility, understanding and trust are the keywords here. Nothing has to be, and the other can always be like him or her. Nothing is better, it is at most different. With that attitude you can tackle every problem.

The sense of recognition and attraction is so great that we could not ignore it. Even though it took a year before it really got that far. But that only made it more beautiful.
We now have a love affair, and it is very satisfying. Except for one thing. We live 12 hours apart, so being together is very difficult. With E-mail, chat and telephone we bridge the distance and that is still going very well after more than a year.

Getting to know my soul love I have had a lot. I have experienced how much love I can feel for someone else, and how much love someone can feel for me. You get to know yourself again , from a side you didn’t know before. But that is so beautiful. You learn to put things into perspective, you learn to look at things more positively, and you really learn to enjoy small, simple things.

There are 2 things that were very special. First, the fact that we only talked for half an hour, and that it was sufficient to maintain contact for more than a year only via e-mail and chat, without any of them loosening.
The second moment was 2 days after we met again, and the fireworks suddenly broke, and we realized that without 1 year of E-mail and chat, this would never have been possible.

The eroticism is certainly different than with other partners. The feeling of being one together is incredibly strong. When we are together, we radiate completely. People around us feel that. At night we had difficulty sleeping because when we were awake we wanted to be so close together. It makes everything else pale.

Searching for soul love makes no sense. You will never find that when searching. That must happen to you.

Open yourself to it, trust your feelings and your intuition. When you meet your soul love, you immediately know that it is. If you are in doubt, it is not. Because if it is, you don’t doubt. And above all, enjoy what there is, and do not doubtfully look for what is not there. Advice from others usually does not have too much value if they have not experienced it themselves. Go your own way and enjoy !!