S135. It’s so hard to make him happy, but it’s not allowed


I discovered my love for my soul through a dating site, and after a few weeks of e-mailing back and forth, where it clicked very well, we agreed to a party. It was a feeling of coming home to me and he said it was like that too! The feeling that you have known each other for years! But I did not realize that it was my love of the soul, actually did not think about it. The thought that this could be my twinflame came a few months later, and was immediately confirmed by a medium I spoke to.

We had a wonderful first week together, and after that week, he had even introduced me to his parents and brothers and children, he suddenly struck! He told me he didn’t get it, blocked every time he got close! He put it on his failed marriage and the pain that caused him, although it was more than a year ago!

In the meantime it has become a constant attracting and repelling, whereby neither of us can release each other. It hurts him that he hurts me and vice versa. He asks for time and then of course I start to think, and that is not allowed because then your feeling is gone!

Somehow I know that I have to let go, that I have to give him his time, because he says, he likes me very much and has never experienced this. He asks him to just leave him alone, but he himself contacts me every day and if it is not a day then we both feel very bad! The strange thing is that I contact him and he will feel much better!

In the beginning I put it on the so much heard fear of attachment! Now that I know about our soul love, I have taken a very different view. I cannot, however, speak to him about it, because he is not set up with spiritual affairs, although it appeals to him, he says, but somewhere he has reservations about it! These are difficult moments and if he blocks then I feel open to help him, but the next day it is me who blocks! Exactly whether I absorb those feelings!

I know that I have to learn from this relationship as well as from all relationships and that a relationship should not be stifling, but it is so difficult, as I once told him, to want to make him happy, but not allowed.

The moments that we are together and go out, there are many friends of him who say every time this is pure love, you are in love, but we feel it differently, there is no such love. But apparently his friends see that energy that is between us when we are together. He also feels that way every time!

For me, the feeling of love for the soul is total, being one with the other, getting a mirror in front, those are some of the things we have said to each other in the past five months. Without realizing that we are soul lovers. Now I am starting to understand those words that we said to each other and still say better …

Currently the relationship is in a period of rest again! He wants time, so I have to be patient. But if I then read everything on this site, my heart will fall! I have already told him that he must learn to enjoy his life, because always working is not reserved for a person. He does not grant himself happiness, even the doctor said and a good friend of him too! I told him first at the start of our storm relationship, and because others told him he is now starting to see it. The relationship has actually been stopped by the fact that he wants to take some time to process.

Today I wrote him a letter with articles about twinflames and the relationship and feelings, positive and negative. I hope he finds comfort in it and that he realizes that it is not all because of his fear of commitment! He himself says that this is very special and that he cannot live without it! But he is not spiritually inclined and believes somewhere in souls and everything around it, as he says it himself, but he has no proof! Those are his words. I know this might be a breakthrough that letter, or negative that he is going to say he’s crazy! Either he is going to say a lot of what is not here about feelings, is true with us! Maybe he will search the internet about twinflames. I hope so,I also do my best to think as described here on the site, let go!

Knowing that this is coming back, because that’s how I feel it! But yes, we are also people and we all want to miss what we have found and feel now, and preferably meet again in this life!