S032. My soul love has awakened me. I have become myself and happier


I had a feeling. I’ll find it. The feeling had burdened me a lot and was very anxious about what would happen to me? Who would it be? What kind of surprise is waiting for me?
My case is very special. I knew another mirror image of my soul love. I had experienced it with many question marks? Why do I have to have a mirror image of someone who hurt me a lot and exactly the same person who says; you are my soul love, while I never recognized him?
My soul love and I have no relationship whatsoever. His face is painted in my heart and also painted when I was young. I painted it again January 1, 2006. I had always felt it and I don’t know how to find it again? I only know that he is very deep in my heart and that I have had the chance to get to know him and that I have not done anything with it and that I have run home with many tears in my eyes. Although I sometimes know very deeply who he is? I know that my feeling is very strong and I know someday my feeling would indicate to me if he is somewhere and can only see or speak to him or maybe never. I am just as happy and sad with that meeting.
It now feels strong, very good and very life-enriching. It gives me a lot of strength, it makes me happy and often makes me very excited to continue, for that I only walked with suicidal thoughts, now they have all disappeared from the moment that I met my soul love. I am worth it and I can be there

In the beginning my partner could not understand it at all and I was almost declared crazy. Now he understands and only wishes me happiness and peace in myself. He knows how I am and that this experience has only positively changed my entire life and has brought out my real ‘me’.

The biggest obstacle is his reflection. Similarities in appearance and names. My feeling said very clearly, it cannot be the same person that I knew through email and chat and only met once in my life and did everything to not meet him and now I know why. In retrospect my feeling had not lied and it is someone else. Plus the situation I’m in. Still married, although it doesn’t mean much.

My soul love has awakened me. I have become myself and happier. Love came to me in every way. Love from everyone around me. I really experience what love is for myself and others. It is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced in my life. It cannot be described at all, it is very deep inside. unconditional love, which has no form of interest.

The most special are the memories. Everything that happened during our conversation was familiar to me. I can’t explain it, but I did see it happen earlier and exactly the same as I thought! What a beautiful special experience. I can’t get enough of it and I can’t stop repeating it to my whole world and surroundings and I don’t regret looking for him everywhere like crazy. It is worth it. My heart always tells the truth.

My soul love relationship has never come through confusion. Ignorance. Innocence. Believe in the good of man. I didn’t know what to do with it and asked advice from a friend who was with me at a party. I told her everything about my premonition and she heard the boy’s name differently. She thought he was my chat and mail friend. Her answer was: you know now. Stop searching. It’s your mail friend. Stepped in with a lot of regrets.

I can no longer imagine a similar feeling in my life. I did try and it really didn’t work out. It looks like something written in my body that I can’t ignore.

To others I want to say follow your heart, afterwards only your heart tells the truth.