Q0786. Are we soulmates?


Hello, a while ago I met someone. I have felt and discussed things that I would normally not be able to discuss with anyone so far in my life. Normally I am very quiet, but because of his open book attitude I was immediately. It all just happened. We have a real click and together we find an open book. We share a lot of thought and feeling good, but also attraction is enormous in all areas. However, I have the feeling that the other person does not realize that we might be soulmates. Due to all kinds of things we cannot have a life together at the moment, the other person thinks this is more than me. I try to be patient and to keep a friendship with him now. I really feel an unconditional love that I cannot describe. When he was sick and told that he had stomach ache, appointment canceled shortly afterwards I also did not feel well in my stomach. After a few terrible years I have experienced that I still have love in me, can feel it, but can also give. He released that in me, I came home and found myself back it seemed. I have never felt that so intense, I was really confused for a few days at the time. Could it be that this person is on a different level than me, and how do I approach this. After some stormy encounters we now continue on a calmer waterway, we don’t even lose each other as a result, we think we are too nice for each other. The bond and our friendship remains, he said. But sometimes I find it difficult and I sincerely miss this person when he is not there. But because of him I have had a mirror a few times and I started thinking about my future and hope to make my plans come true. something I didn’t have to think about long ago. How is it possible that someone can help you on your way without first knowing it, I have told it, also what I feel and how strong that is. How do I know if we are truly soulmates except those strong! unconditional love, etc. and whether he also recognized it or not and how do I approach that. I don’t know, it worries me while I try to let go and acquiesce. Fr. greeting Claudia it makes me restless as I try to let go and acquiesce. Fr. greeting Claudia it makes me restless as I try to let go and acquiesce. Fr. greeting Claudia