Q0676. Denying soul lover?


My soul lover does not allow me in her life anymore .. Everything is right, in terms of signs and most importantly, in terms of feeling too … She denies it! Is it possible to (unknowingly) completely put away the feeling, so that you do not know about existence?

nswer 1
Yes, that is possible, tucking away completely is usually out of self-protection, something my twin is also very good at and then preferably also deny or go completely wrong if you look for an approach. And you know, with us everything was also right, for years, the feeling, the energy, really everything, I was inexhaustible in terms of my Love for him, whatever happened, unconditional love. But to my great sorrow I have now discovered that THE FEELING can go away completely for him too, so without denying or hiding away, that wonderful Stream of Love is just completely gone …. am eagerly looking to get that feeling back but it doesn’t work anymore . Like in the song “butterflies” by Nick and Simon “De Vlinders died, de Liefde spoiled, the book closed again”. Everything has a reason, nothing happens for nothing and maybe this is my lesson to know that you really can’t trust anyone at all, just yourself !!! Sometimes people come into your life … apparently! twin was meant for a moment. “The summer Butterfly in winter cold, cannot survive … .. so it will only take a while with you” …. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Try not to focus so much on what it means, the twinflame. Try to put that etiquette out of your head and concentrate on what you have. If you focus on what it means, you focus on the idea and it’s not about that person anymore, I think. (Unknown)

Answer 3
When I read the first answer I feel a lot of frustration there, is your fear getting in your way? Look inside, why don’t you trust anyone anymore, that’s how you are in a circle of fear and that pulls you down, angry at everyone and especially maybe at yourself, inexhaustible love succeeds as long as you don’t forget yourself, maybe that’s why you are so angry. I wish you strength and confidence. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 3 about answer 1, this too is one of the ways that you can or must walk. and there is nothing wrong with that, I can understand the feeling of answer 1 very well, but what you write too! what is so difficult about twinflames is that there are so many changing emotions, so an answer is just a snapshot, and if it is not, then we still have no insight into a person’s background through a few words. What strikes me here is that people often talk about the beautiful feeling, but I also experience hatred and frustration, the dark sides of my soul are absolutely exposed, and then a twinflame is not at all so blissful. We are talking about the spiritual but there is also an earthly reality! It is as it is and it runs as it should, I only know that everything and everyone is perfectly in their way as they should be. And everyone really comes where he or she should be and hear. And ultimately everything passes. Love. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 1, is this not really your Ego speaking? It has power over you and you really have to overcome it. Look deep into your heart and soul. Because whatever your twinflame has done that makes you feel that way, you will understand him. This love is unconditional. We love them no matter what, because they are part of us and because we can never be angry with them. Try to find peace and love in the idea that this person has done something from a certain feeling. and nobody can understand that better than you. Let him go in a beautiful way, full of love and this will heal you and he will come back to you. I have experienced this so many times. But do you know what happens every time? Love comes back in a stronger form every time. This is the growth process, disposal and attracting. Do not put any conditions on this love and see it with different eyes and limits than the daily robot limitations. These rules do not apply to us because this love is above everything else. (Unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 4, I’m from answer 3 .. what do you mean by the end everything will pass ..? this love will never pass away despite the dark sides of earthly reality … it is a matter of going through or around it. (Unknown)

Answer 7
To answer 3 and answer 5, I am from answer 1. No, there is no fear with me, not at all…. perhaps frustration for a twin who apparently can have the courage to manipulate me and literally insult me ​​in the earthly but is unable to talk or communicate about it normally from person to person. It only goes with lying, twisting and mystery. He constantly determines what happens, it seems. At a certain point you are going to close yourself off, which seems like a very natural reaction to me, I don’t have to be voluntarily tortured? It just really hurts me a lot, I really want to understand because in this way I really do not understand which lesson to learn from this, my loving him does not go away (so gradually to my regret … because then I could finally continue). And it will be “his thing”, but it feels like he is playing me every time, he is constantly in my grip, is it not in the earthly or in the energetic, it really makes me tired and dead and sick of it …. Sometimes I think, suppose I wouldn’t be here tomorrow, would he regret something that he behaved that way towards me? stupid thought of course but that’s how I stand in life…. do not do things that you will regret, perhaps today is your last day. I really do not understand how someone (twin) can be so “hard” or perhaps become (because then I would also have to be very hard with everything I have experienced). And then I hear “it is a shame that he does that because he is not like that if he is your twin” … .. well then I think, he has no will of his own then ??? why does he act like this when he is NOT like that ??? And yes, I can RELEASE, I could and I can still do that, but apparently he can’t do it, which keeps me getting dragged into the mud again and again, it seems…. and then I ask him in thought “dear darling, let’s really talk 1 time, 1 x be really clear! to each other, then we can both continue our path and we will see where we (together) come from ”…… only he never listens to me unfortunately, sob… (Unknown)

Answer 8
Answer 5; This is something that I have grasped from the heart, that is exactly how I feel it and that I proceed. What it is is unconditional. Great love that is much bigger and infinite than you ever suspected. It is something that seems almost incompatible with the earthly. (Unknown)

Answer 9
Reply 4, how nice that you understand me, and an answer is idd a snapshot, but if those snapshots in the earthly light always only illuminate your dark side, it gives a very distorted image of yourself and with that you do yourself and the other person seriously deficit. And no, I feel no anger or hatred, never felt for my twin either, only love or sadness or temporarily nothing … .. That sadness is only because of not understanding what is happening, why twin does this …. (and not because I feel rejected or something), if you are twins you should always be able to understand each other and until a while ago it was true, even though it sometimes came with some delay. What has been happening for a while now is impossible for me to understand (not even what lesson to learn from this), why it cannot be otherwise, why in this blunt way, I am really sad. And yes I will have to accept that it is going the way it is because I have little choice,! but that is why I am shutting myself off, out of self-protection…. something like this … is this the intention of Love, I wonder, you have to close your twin ??? (Unknown)

Answer 10
I have thought again about how I could best describe that feeling. I think it is not my ego and I also have no conditions for this love. I am also not afraid, I do not feel rejected, etc. It is closing for something that touches you and that you cannot do anything with … Suppose I feel the twin love in you (I don’t have to explain how it feels here) and very deep down inside I feel the pure and pure of it and despite that it does not fit into my earthly thinking I make you partake of it, of my feelings, because I know that I can (only) share it with you and entrust it to you . At that moment I share my heart and soul with you. What twin has done through his actions (not through his denial! ) feels with me as if he has torn my heart from my soul and slowly cuts my heart into pieces and divides it among others who also enjoy it. A kind of betrayal actually, hence my remark that you can only trust yourself, which incidentally does not cause any fear in me. My soul remains upright and my light keeps shining, I know who I am, but I also need my heart (I don’t mean my ego) in the earthly because we are not just light beings and so I close myself off. Jemig, complicated story when I read it back that way, but that’s how it feels for me … (Unknown) My soul remains upright and my light keeps shining, I know who I am, but I also need my heart (I don’t mean my ego) in the earthly because we are not just light beings and so I close myself off. Jemig, complicated story when I read it back that way, but that’s how it feels for me … (Unknown) My soul remains upright and my light keeps shining, I know who I am, but I also need my heart (I don’t mean my ego) in the earthly because we are not just light beings and so I close myself off. Jemig, complicated story when I read it back that way, but that’s how it feels for me … (Unknown)

Answer 11
To answer 7, I think that a great deal of sadness has also arisen in you as a result of confusion, if I read your story like this, I recognize it and I want to tell you that all previous confusion was real confusion and had nothing to do with your twin, maybe this still plays a part in your view of how things are now. you know my story, and I have reasonably followed your reaction and your process and I wish you the peace that your twin should now give you !! .. love from the other twin woman you spoke to! (Unknown)

Answer 12
I agree with answers 4 and 9. Indeed, dealing on both the spiritual and earthly levels is not easy. Very logical that you have moments when you shoot into your ego. The changing moods that go through you are no fun. It often does not know what to do with it. It will continue to trigger you until you have learned your lesson and let go with your heart. You are forced to become more aware of your own feelings. We should not make it more beautiful than it is and keep the facts in mind. Say, it is a tough learning experience for many writers here, especially myself. And this may well be expressed. I say at the moment very honestly, I would not want to go back in a relationship with my twin now that I am aware that I must consciously choose for myself at all times. Unfortunately, it no longer fits my picture. Even a compromise is out of the question with us, twin holds on to his idiom from which he does not deviate. He keeps shooting back in his fears, small thinking. That is allowed, it is his process. In recent years I have grown, so I am now in a different position and he has stopped. Although my love is still there, I choose to stay with my good feelings. He can keep pulling on me but I can now handle it better and let go of course. I am now ready to live my own life without my twin. I also believe that a twinflame bond does not necessarily have to be a relationship, it may just as well be that your twin is a family member you still have to work with. Every written story here is a snapshot. Reading it back! after some time of my 607 story and find that I now see it differently than it did then. The moment 607 has hereby lapsed. (Unknown)