S127. I have been able to find and know myself


I discovered it sooner than my soulmate, but the experiences were equally intense for both of them !!!

My partner is open to it, but does not know everything that has happened between me and my soul love.

I have experienced soul love as a feeling of recognition, of hey, I have known you much longer, coming home, but more as if you look in the mirror and see yourself.
Only being together is so intense, all love, and then saying goodbye hurts like something breaks inside.

We had a very good friendship, but also more than that, and I am talking about physical contact, that was completely different. You can’t call that normal sex, because that’s purely about the performance, let’s say, you’re fixated on orgasm !! But that wasn’t with us, it didn’t even come, because it was about the purity, the love, which is unconditional. Real fusion, that’s what I call making love !!! This cannot be described, people must experience this for themselves !!! Others might find it strange that being intimate is even nice, without an orgasm… .. It’s about love, and the fusion !!!!

Obstacles in our relationship were that opening up to each other is difficult, own things that still have to be processed, you open it up together, but because there is still a marriage in play with children, problems arose. Feeling it, but actually fearing it , because in fact it is not allowed or allowed because of marriage.
My soul love said every time that we could never have a love relationship, even though we feel comfortable with each other, and it is a very deep love.
But that is a fear on the part of my soul love, consciously closing off for strong feelings.
While I am open to it, but still have things to finish in my life.
Now it is broken, because I still have a lot to finish, and my soul love has the feeling that this is the best for now, but I am convinced that my soul love is not yet completely ready, and deliberately closes off for this, and therefore broke our relationship.

I have learned a lot from it, I have been able to find myself and know myself, and have dealt with a lot of pains from my past, and I now know what unconditional love is, and I am very grateful for it …
It has given me a lot of strength , but also a lot of loss and sorrow, and still !!!!!
But we will meet again someday, I have already seen that in my dreams.

For me, the most special thing is the love you feel, even if you are not together.

And being one when you are together !!! Even the same breath … Like happiness and joy, and knowing that there is always someone with you who loves you, unconditionally, even if you are apart !!!!

I still miss my soul love every day, but it lives in my heart every day, and that makes me strong ..
I will never find another form, because I know that we belong together, anyway, it will happen someday … First we have to learn a lot of lessons !!

My tip is; know that you will never be alone again !!! And that what you feel is also your love for yourself !!