Q0963. Does anyone also suffer from these blockages?


Hi, At the moment I have no contact with my twinflame for three months. He loved me one time, then not. I told him to come back if he was sure what he wanted. My twinflame was looking for another woman with his ego feeling. When he missed me, he contacted him again. And when the weather went super well, he had to repel me again. Now I am waiting for him to be reminded of me more and more when he is in contact with another woman. I hope my twinflame is so far in his process that his blockade works. For three years I have been walking around with a blockage that I cannot give myself to another man. When I give another man a hug, my twinflame comes up and I get a sense of cheating. Does anyone also suffer from these blockages? Would my twinflame also suffer from this blockade if he is far enough away?

Answer 1
I also had that when I held her. What does your friend say or don’t know? Yes indeed it is very difficult I know all about it. What helps is to find the distraction or just make contact with your twinflame.

Answer 2
Very recognizable, I have had times that I thought and now I want someone else, I don’t want to experience this anymore. But as soon as I thought about it, … I saw him in front of me, not just in your forehead chakra! Someone once kissed me and it was as if he (tz) suddenly stood before me, on an energetic level and everywhere around us, as if it were not allowed. Now I didn’t want to kiss the other person at all, but it was so weird. Sometimes I think I should go and see him, who knows that nonsense will be over. Or not of course, I also don’t know if I want to but being rid of it seems nice. He doesn’t show himself anymore, he probably won’t be busy with me.

Answer 3
I don’t think these are blockades, just your blueprint. What’s the problem? You don’t have to surrender to another man, do you?
(Who knows)

Answer 4
Perhaps your twinflame doesn’t want those blockages at all. That is why I think you should let go of your twinflame in it, the more you want to bind him to you, the more he will free himself from you.

Answer 5
Me and my twinflame have never done that. I think that it will become very clear what we feel for each other. Even if we only treat each other in a friendly manner.

Answer 6
I do partly recognize myself in your question. If a twinflame misses me he wants to see me, but when he is busy with other women he suddenly does not let himself hear and the earthly connection is “dead”. In dreams he comes true extra powerful. I know that he learns something from every woman that leads him further in his development towards reunification with me and that is why I am grateful for them. Everything is predetermined in that regard (blueprint) and I am at peace that it is going that way. What is striking is that when he has seen me again for a while after an absence, there will soon be more encounters (on his initiative) because he will have to see me again. That is stronger than himself. Until the ego takes over again. Yes, he is still far from that ego.