Q1369. Letting go or not?


I read something about twinflame for the first time today. I think my question is in line with this. Last year I had a short relationship with a woman who was paranormally gifted. We are both hurt souls (in this life) as she called them, and because of our fears there have been nasty situations that have separated us, or better, she has increasingly broken off contact. I tried to get her back (in wrong ways, I think), with no results. Now I recently wrote her a card and the day after I suddenly felt that she was furious with me. I have nothing at all with this kind of experience, but I am almost certain. Now I have started to love her more and more unconditionally, but I also long for her proximity. However, it seems that the more I do my best, the more she pushes off. She can also get very angry and stand on her lines, while I am someone who is more likely to take the blame and strive for peace. Now I don’t really know what to do anymore. I just started to make contact elsewhere, but I just notice that this woman won’t let me go. I miss her again and again. I hope you can do something with this. greeting

Answer 1
Tell her that you miss her and love her. If you seek your salvation elsewhere, you create a distance and she may think that you no longer feel anything for her and you are done with her. Be clear, reliable and honest. Talk from your heart. If you have something to make up for, do that … but don’t let her go. Because maybe she’s waiting for real clarity from you.