S125. My life is completely like this


I am sure I have found my soul love …
But I have never been concerned with it, but now that a friend told us that we are soulmates, I started to think, look here and the puzzle pieces fall into place. I’m sure my girlfriend feels that way too.

But now I am looking back and I am sure I have that with my husband too! I have been married to him for 13 years and he is my everything, but I have always been bisexual looking for that one woman …
I had already given up the search until I met her from scratch, she was a former classmate of my husband and through Hyves she had found him again and I saw her for the first time on the cam and thought: That is she …
It took a few weeks, but now we are completely hotel-de-botel of each other and feel each other very well and also on the spiritual level there is more between us.
It is still very early, but so strong … I am so sure that this band will never break again!

But then I have already met my 2nd soulmate , because the love between my husband and me is also indestructible, what we have all survived is a miracle.
But HOW we got to know each other is a complete mystery to me … that also came from a soul! Something in me then said: THAT is the man of your life, HERE you must go further, but I did not know anything about him, not even his name !!! But something / someone said IN me, you have to send him a card on his birthday.
I started searching enormously for his address, first I had to know which boy that was (was my job and all those men looked alike to me) and when I knew it, I found his address at the very last moment. … In a place where it had been hanging for half a year, I had never noticed that and then it did.
He did not see me either, I was busy, just like a little girl (was 18) and no, he did not think of love … but 3 weeks later we had a relationship and that also happened naturally … and we still have that relationship … , although we have been together for 14.5 years!

And my husband, he too, enjoys her presence, it’s back to school when she was there! They have sat together from the first year to the 3rd class!

And I, his wife, just love her …

I never really believed that there is more between heaven and earth, but I am starting to doubt. She also says she was in contact with me once while I dreamed about her. I texted her for fun; What do you do at night? Because you were in my dream!
Then she said: You know … I got in touch with you at 5 … then you dreamed about me …

I am in love with her and she with me, but this crush feels different. ON Msn I look at her in her eyes with the webcam and I just see things in her … I almost see what she thinks and feels …

It is all very nasty, bizarre and unreal, but I know for sure, she is at least a soulmate, maybe a soul, but I still have to discover that. We have many things in common. I have ADHD, her daughter too, we both happen to have the same hairdo … we are both bi and married and have had children at about the same age! (she is 3 years older, so her oldest is also 3 years older) We had the same boy’s name for the oldest (only she has 2 daughters) … and she tells stories that I think; I can also tell that story … at least, I would do it exactly like this.

I have had many nasty moments with her, but now that we are actually ‘dating’ it is totally super, I feel really great and I know that I have found what I have been looking for for so long!

My life is completely like this.

Unfortunately, many people think that we are going very fast, but partly because of being in love, it is not bad, we do not see it that way, that it goes fast … We know each other for a week and a half LIVE … And since then we are inseparable!

Our partners are both happy with the fact that we have found each other, it just couldn’t be better