S122. What soul love has brought me: peace – support – friendship


I also found my soulmate, he lives together and we have been together for almost 2.5 years now. I would not want him to leave there at all. There are very few people who know that we are together, and yet many people see that we would be a beautiful couple, because I help him in his case and it is thought that it is just an out of friendship and we come as a Also about. We tell each other everything and if we don’t see each other it is keeping in touch all day. We are very discreet. When we first spoke on the phone we knew. It took six months before we saw each other. And then it was right right away, sex that did last
We spoke 100 about everything. When we get together we make plans and brainstorm about anything and everything, spiritual or not. We also have a lot of common food a lot not and well. I met his mother a while ago, but we also started with her first over the phone and now the best band a young woman can imagine with an older woman (with my own mother also a great band) although this older woman has become very ill quite recently, I sympathize with her and try to speed up healing, although I think I will lose her after a while – because the body is gone. I know that I will definitely see, feel and experience her again. My buddy and I will continue to support each other with that. lots of love and light! By the way, when you get to know your soul, you know that right away,

We still have a relationship together and he also feels very concerned about me, and there is a lot of warmth and security. With the one he cohabits with, it is more and a relationship of helping and supporting each other.

We are not experiencing any real obstacles, only I know that his cohabitation partner is very jealous – she is a few years older, but has not really grown spiritually.
We have a love relationship wish, but that is not the main goal and we are not guided by it. But that’s super good!

Our relationship is: buddy – friendship – business partners – counselors – supporters – help in need – crooks – both love to laugh – good things in life – support and leave – independently and yet a team. We are very happy with it. If we went a step further, that would be good for both, but we hardly rush anything out of respect for each other –

What soul love has brought me: peace – support – friendship – can talk to him about everything and he gives that feeling to me, hahah – I know his pin code myself!
What I find most special is a number of things – the similarities we have in things. For example, we have always wanted to meet someone with whom we have a lot in common. We have studied the same – done work – love the same kind of music and smells – we love working, we complement each other as ying and yang.
We feel each other if we also want to be alone for a moment (which is never long) and the sex is not in the first place, but is great – sometimes it takes months. because we are way too busy – it really is relaxation as an effort.

For me, the soul love feeling is an end station – paradise – this is what I was looking for. And for him too.

Although he now lives abroad because his mother lives there and he helps her with the care, it is the positive approach that drives others, which attracts.

My tip is: you know for yourself whether it is a soul thing or not. It is the feeling and the sex or falling in love. It is a level of 2 people – no age – with his mother I also have a great bond. Others also see this and see us as 2 girlfriends. If you have found it, it is more than gold and hold it. don’t go looking for it, looking to find and love. Be open and always look for love, joy and friendship, look for the positive power. The light