Q0915. Attract / repel?


Is it true that the more I pull on him, he repels me and if I try to ignore him, he keeps looking for me?

Answer 1
Is a very logical consequence. You come too close to his feeling. He repels. After a break, he feels that urge again and attracts you. A circle around. The question is, can you sustain this? As long as neither makes a decision, it will continue to do so. (Manon)

Answer 2
That may be the pattern, yes. But you can keep in touch without pulling it. Then you don’t have to try to get rid of it. And that makes it easier. (Arundash)

Answer 3
Manon, this is so recognizable. Three weeks have passed without any contact with my twinflame, was able to release him well in that period. And it is always as if he feels that because then he suddenly contacted us again and we saw each other again. With us the pattern is often such that he wants to see me more often after that one time, and then again for a while not or less. By seeing here I mean a purely friendly contact and also always with others there. We cannot take a decision for certain reasons, so it will continue for a while. (Unknown)