S108. Telepatic contact


about 6 years ago a new manager was hired, I work in healthcare and must say I am never so fond of those bobos. But this man saw me, he noticed me, because he almost stared at me. He also immediately sat outside with me and my colleague. I quickly left because I could be shy and the idea that he had come to sit with us for me. I have a friend and at the time I didn’t know if he was the one for me. And would not have let the cry for literally be heard from my heart for that long if I had not yet encountered true love, then let that happen. From that moment on every time I met that man, which unfortunately did not happen very often, the impression that this caused him something. Another time he came to see me and normally my heart does not go on like that but then it seemed as if my heart went up and down. From the first contact on the terrace I dreamed of him. He lay in bed next to me and was embarrassed because my friend was on my other side. He got dressed (this manager) and looked very guilty and more strange dreams followed about him. Dreams about joining him in a car. When after a few years of crisis years for me, burnout, time absent from that workplace, I saw him again and againthen a telepathic contact arose. But one that bothers you a bit. I thought it was all very strange. I also saw that beam I read about once. I also had the idea that he knew things about me that he could not know, that I was pregnant. But so I occasionally knew about him that he was on vacation, that he is not happy with his wife but that she was married for her money and that she is a bit older. That he has the same wishes and ideas as me. The sexual attraction is also very big, I think. D ate we regularly astral sex with each other in our dreams. I recently heard about him that he is very shy, well, that’s me too. I can disguise it because of my cool cool attitude but not always. I also knew that he would leave the foundation and work somewhere else. I now also know, for example, that telepathic talking where he works. But I find it so difficult, he is married, I have a friend and two children. I already wanted to send him an anonymous letter with things in it that only he could know, a little cowardly perhaps, but otherwise I don’t know. Especially not because I had read about twinflames before and since I discovered this site, because yes you try to get it out of your mind, also because I have a very sweet friend. But the point is, indeed, I don’t just put it out of my mind. And now that I read all those stories, I am fortunately experiencing that I am not the only one with this problem. Shared sorrow is half sorrow. My smart is his smart And he is always around (telepathic) anyway. But I would like to experience it once on a physical level, a good conversation, but I was always too scared. I think he knows it all and he telepathically encourages me to send that letter. He thinks it should come from me now too. But I’m afraid it won’t stop at Platonic if he recognizes me. Because we both want to merge into each other. If the man and I looked at each other, we already had that.

Who can give me some advice, thanks.

PS. The age difference is also true with all the stories, he is about 8 years old say my thoughts. I am 37 so he is about 45 years old. The time of 6 years is also right, in a lot of stories the timeline runs for around 6 years, but will I just send that letter what does another think of it?