Q0804. Would love to meet him again


It has now been six months since I saw him and I feel like I am losing touch with my soul while I think about him 24 hours a day. I really want to see him again, he lives only 3 km away from me in the same city … How can I best use decade of attraction to meet him again? Love.

Answer 1
The law of attraction, yes, I know it. And I’ll tell you something; I have been attracted a lot by thought power, except a meeting with my twinflame! I never succeed, no matter how I try. I do get all kinds of signs on my way if I wish I will see him, but he himself does not show up on command. I did manage to think very intensively that he was going to call me, and that happened then. I see my twinflame regularly, but never if I have explicitly desired it. You can try it; visualize very clearly in your thoughts that you meet each other. See everything he wears, what his hair looks like, what you are wearing, what you say etc. Make it as detailed as possible. And FAITH in this image. That’s what thinking power is all about. Believe it becomes true. If he lives so close, don’t you meet in the street or in the supermarket? Just go shopping in his neighborhood! You can also send something in yourself. Good luck. (Unknown)