S105. He couldn’t stand his own self


We met and it was as if the world stood still, it hit like a bomb, just as if we knew each other who we were. It was intense, at the same time providing peace of mind, as if you have known each other for years, it is as if you have met yourself . Neither of us met at the time we met, and we had a love affair together. We wanted both, because we knew exactly what we had or got from each other. We have encountered few obstacles in our relationship, until he could no longer cope with it because I knew him too well and he could not stand that he had encountered his own self . At the moment he has broken off all contact, because he has to place everything.
It was a great beautiful time, everything was special, eroticism is more intense, you melt together into one but then really into one. But afterwards it caused me a lot of grief because I lost myself.

Soul love feels great in a word, but now that I have to let it go, it is the greatest sorrow I have ever felt in my life. Our relationship has ended and this is terrible and not to live with me, the relationship has ended because my soul love cannot handle that I am his soul love. I am not looking for soul love again, no it is no longer necessary for me,

Losing your soul’s love when you stand or stand so close to each other, that is the worst thing that can ever happen to you, little by little you feel yourself dying.