S104. My soul love has awakened me. Let me see that I am beautiful, I am love. Brings me very close to myself


I met my soul love a year ago. I did not know the concept of soul love. I immediately felt very calm with him and when the opportunity arose I sat close to him unnoticed. Sometimes he took my hand and we experience sitting for about ten minutes while we were in company and we are both married. It felt so natural and good. After about six months we said that we both felt a deep love for each other that transcended all previous experiences of love . We took off when we were together. There was so much power and so much love. I have not been in love. It was immediately a deep feeling of loving intensely.

I tried to explain to my husband that I met my soulmate. And what that meant for me. Someone who feels and feels everything just like me . I didn’t think I could ever meet someone who was like me. My husband thought it was scary. Could not imagine that someone could love me so much without expectations. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

I have experienced heaven since the day we looked into each other’s eyes and felt that enormous power. I never feel alone again. I have the feeling that I am in a fast train and go back to my own base / core very quickly. A fierce confrontation with myself. I have never felt so much love with another person. It gives me a lot of power and at the same time it turns my world upside down. I can’t put my head in the sand, I face all confrontations and that makes it very intense.

We also still have some sort of higher relationship right now. We only see each other once a week. Do not want to cheat and do not twist us in all kinds of turns to see each other. We want to keep it as pure as possible so as not to hurt our partners. But that is not possible, it really cannot be explained to our partners. I know that it is not for nothing that we have met and that our love is certainly a push in the right direction of my life. There is no way back. I don’t know if it is the intention that we leave everything behind and move on together. I think that time will teach us. I often think about it and so do he. In particular, we can hardly bear the sadness of the children when we think about it. He’s always close to me. I feel him and he feels me. We also have a telepathic connection. Even though I could never see him again, I will always feel him and his love will glow in me forever.

Obstacles in our relationship are our marriages and other people around us who do not understand what we have together. People to whom you cannot explain that this is such a pure form of love. That this is not an exciting sexual snack. No fleeting love.

If we were both free then we would have been together for a long time. We belong together, that feeling is very strong. What we have feels like a love relationship at a higher level or something. We try to keep it as pure as possible, but sometimes that is very difficult. We enjoy the few, ‘legal’ moments in the week we have together. Under the current circumstances, the relationship we have now is satisfactory to me. We grow very close to each other and sometimes missing a lot hurts. I do not know how long we will maintain this and when loss will prevail.

My soul love has awakened me. Let me see that I am beautiful, I am love. Brings me very close to myself. I also see him as pure love, the most beautiful person I have ever met. He brings me up and gives direction to my life by showing myself. The feeling that there is someone who loves me so much gives me so much strength. I will always feel that power even though I could no longer see it for whatever reason.

The most special thing for me is one of the first times we hugged and kissed each other, it seemed that we merged together and took off. All the fibers in my body tingled. We literally merged. That was so supernaturally beautiful.
In eroticism too, everything is much more intense than I have ever felt before. We try to keep it ‘neat’ but here too we are completely merged. We can make love without having real sex, in an embrace I can feel everything about him in me as if we really make love. Even from a distance I feel when he is thinking strongly about me and I get warm waves all over my body. I whisper his name at many times during the day without being really aware of it. He has that too. Maybe a form of discharging love haha. That is such a special experience, I have never experienced that before.
Soul love for me feels like a warm fire, an enormous power, the ultimate feeling of life and love.

I don’t think you can ever search for this love. You are very lucky if you can remember this once in your life. I think the great thing is that you learn so much love for yourself in this relationship. All previous relationships fail now that I have come to know my soul love. I do not think that should this end I will ever have the expectation that this will happen to me again. And maybe that is not necessary either because there is enough love in me.

For everyone, soul love will be a different process that you end up in when meeting your soul love. For me it applies that I have to go with the flow, the storm that releases this and have to get on with myself.

I think the question that many have with me. Is the intention of this relationship that we ever come together or is it a life lesson, or both? The answer will be given by time I think.