P0039. Dear twin


After such a long time
you give me freedom
And now that I have it,
I don’t really need it

Now that I know both sides of
it I realize that I do not depend on your freedom
Now that I know that only I can create that
I will fly, lame wing, green feathers

I am freedom
I give freedom
I take freedom

You are freedom
You give freedom
You take freedom

You don’t want to fly together yet
So I’m flying on my own, first alone
I feel pretty happy this way
Enjoy the air, the silence, the space around me

And when you have finished
And you are ready
Get your feet off the ground and fly to me
Lame wing, green feathers
Yet completely outlawed

Then, without fear, let’s heal each other’s wing
With little effort we will carry the pain with us soon
Because we will discover the trick
of flying together with the other two