S101. I have learned that love for that one can be a gateway to universal love


It was very nice to be able to read the experiences of others with the twinflame phenomenon. I didn’t know it existed before I met him, now 5 years ago, but when a friend used the word, I immediately knew what it means, it means, etc. I just didn’t know it was such a general experience that there was a Internet site for wax; Up until now I didn’t have such a need to look for information from outside, because so much information came from within. The only thing I want to say about it is that he is the man I have always sought, driven from unconscious depths, and allowed to find him, which I am incredibly grateful for.

In the stories I notice that there are usually quite a lot of difficulties associated with contact; this also seems logical to me, are height and depth inextricably linked? I have a strong feeling that we can be together if we are both ready for that. I have intuitively felt that you can damage each other terribly if you are not yet emotionally ordered, precisely because of the deep kinship and the openness to each other (which also expressed itself in my strong telepathy), but also the big difference in the course of centuries has arisen in the “packaging”; cultural baggage, etc. Fortunately, there are also protections to ensure that this damage does not happen and I saw that reflected in many stories: “We wanted so badly (…) but it is not possible”.That may feel painful, it is, but it is very fruitful and ultimately something to be thankful for. And also the completely merging, which cannot be the intention in this earthly life, is a pitfall for which I am grateful that we have been saved from it. Finally, we all have a task in this life, and that cannot be: disappearing into each other’s bliss, out of reach of the rest of the world.

There have also been misunderstandings between us that I want to save the reader; fiercely. But I thank God that they were brought into the world indirectly through others.No doubt we have suffered from each other’s presence; Hurting each other directly did not have to happen and that seems impossible to bear. He’s so sweet to me; the most beautiful person in the world, meeting me has revealed the deep beauty of every person. But precisely this person: so sweet, so beautiful. No man can be as dear to me as he is, not even my children who are my everything, because no one is so completely my other half. Only him. I would not want to damage any hair on his head, not scratch his skin, let alone damage him in his soul. That has forced me to transform all forms of indignation about the not quite neat ways in which I have been treated into understanding. For him, with that also for the universal human.

Forgiveness turned out not to be a theoretical concept, not something that you can impose on yourself, or to which you can force yourself, but something that results directly from love. Time is needed for that; and there were helpful circumstances. Everything I have been indignant about turned out to be help to grow in that Love!Not only for him, that love: Also for other people involved and therefore for all of humanity. Forgiveness and love turned out to be something that could happen to you, after which all guilt, everything I ever did to people, which weighed heavily on me, also fell from you. Something that is described in the Bible as: Laundered are in the Blood of the Lamb, and what I saw later, in the Lord’s Prayer has been prayed for for centuries (forgive us our guilt as we forgive others).

And all because of that short meeting with my twinflame; by feeling through everything he called into me without speaking to him more than a single word!

I have learned that love for that one can be a gateway to universal love ; I was allowed to feel his emotional pain, so that, although I suffered a lot in this life, I felt for the first time how terrible pain is. Whereby I would not want to do that to anyone in the world (as far as I can prevent it; but it is very relative), and with the help of spontaneously occurring images of the suffering Christ I have found a way to actually go the way of nonviolence ; learning step by step.

My eyes also opened to realities such as lives for this life; as a result of which I have been able to see through many of the usually unconscious relationships. And I have seen that our lives are led by higher beings.

Of course it was all terribly painful for me when I was in the middle of it. The terrible loss; the realization that we were once, once, actually stuck together and, somewhere in my body, feeling the terrible wound where he is not. Feeling literally amputated. The lack, the desire, that I only became aware after I met him, but what has always been in the form of a kind of melancholy and in the intense search for a suitable partner. But I have learned that it is precisely from the pain and the lack of beautiful soul qualities that flourish, not only through this experience, by the way. The roses bloom precisely in the wounds; and tears in this world become pearls in heaven!

The lack, which in the beginning perhaps felt like a need to be with him, has become a desire that is always with me and that I cherish gratefully.

I wish everyone who is involved in these painful situations a lot of strength and: have faith. It will be all right ; it’s all right. As in many letters, through all despair, you can also read. Thank you for that frankness; it has done me good to see that I am not alone in this world in this.

Finally, a text that, when I just discovered who he is to me, rose from me. Who articulates the love in question more purerly than I could do without that Inspiration.

The love that wants to save, without suffocating him / her; who wants to build a hut for the other to hide. Who wants to go get the sun, to please the beloved man-woman. Where there is no struggle between mine and thine nor a struggle for power, because giving and taking are one stream. That love in which mind, soul and body go together perfectly, because the border between her and him is not. All desire becomes reality; in each other’s arms, under the stars, while cooking or on the road. Disagreement is not a painful distance, but a part of the game … in which you expect yourself to hurt the other one bit … because your heart breaks when he or she is in pain. This love is pure respect for each other: carrying God in the other.

She is rare, this love, and although many are looking for her, few find her. That is not possible either; for it is the crown on a road on which we, by doing our duty to perpetuate attention, find ourselves together through loneliness, discover faith in deep fears, learn to see the dead end in selfishness. Only then… may the love we have always sought be real. Then you may rest and go further with the soul that is made for yours, with yours.