Q0890. Obsession


Is it true that it sometimes seems like an obsession? That you cannot live without it and that you have to, even if the other person wants nothing more but that you cannot let go? While things are actually going much better without it? Are you a bit disturbed by it, so I mean an obsession? At the same time you are also in a fast train in terms of growth. You become stronger in the meantime, do you want to tell your Soul Love too? Much of the past is purified? Everyone would rather be in your eyes? And do you know that if he did respond that there would be a lot of confrontation again? I’m still in the middle of the process … Pffff

Answer 1
Yes, everything is right. In my case you can see it astrologically. After I met twinflames, Pluto started to walk into Venus and until the end of this year he / she went THREE times over Venus! So push back a bit and continue 3 times. Then you are literally and figuratively fascinated by someone in my case, so my twin man. His Neptune, on the other hand, faced Venus for a long time, which means: not being able to race well in terms of love. He probably doubted for a few months who my twinflame was. His Pluto is about not long, about starting next year, making a long-term conjunction with his Moon, and that is a strong attraction to a woman, but it could just as well be an emotional power struggle with his mother, or both. They are just examples, whereby I mean that it certainly makes it worthwhile to get clarity and therefore relief from the process through the horoscope, so that it becomes less obsessive. It certainly helps me. (Who knows)

Answer 2
Dear Wieweet, I also want to make such a calculation. How do I do that? Thanks in advance for reading and answers! (Unknown)

Answer 3
With an astrologer you do that or enter your data online via astro.com and then the data comes out. There is also a manual, introduction course, how to interpret the signs and planet positions. (Who knows)