S098. I describe the soul love feeling as all-embracing, overwhelming, sometimes confusing


Our big hobby is music … He was a guitarist for a band, I was a singer and together with a friend I responded to his advertisement. The meeting was a feeling of coming home. Our eyes did not let go of each other, a sense of recognition but did not know what it was exactly. It was also confusing. Deep friendship, very deep friendship from the first moment … being able to share things without words. The common thread in our life was just “scary”

We were both married …. It was a difficult period. The friendship was so close. nobody intervened anymore. We tried to live without each other but didn’t last long. We were both literally sick from missing each other. My partner’s marriage was already very difficult and there were already problems. His partner absolutely could not deal with it, and she still tries to make things very difficult for him after years. My marriage was not as you hope it would be, the partner of mine could only watch later, luckily we were familiar with the paranormal and have had many conversations about it .. it hurt so much but it was so inevitable because the friendship was sooooo close. At one point, he had to let me choose because it wasn’t that fair for my then partner, but how difficult that was. luckily we still treat each other well.

It was a chaotic time. Feelings that were shaken back and forth. A very difficult time of more than 20 years behind us, which all came to the surface when we entered into the friendship relationship. A common thread in our lives, things that we have experienced in the same way in life, often supplementary. Can recall that we must have been in the same place on various dates (while we lived far apart at that time). Things can complement each other but also “know” things that we actually cannot know. For example, I always had the idea that I waited for a boat in the past, dreamed very regularly that I was waiting at the quay, even made drawings of it earlier when I was about 14 years old … Sail was beautiful later, I spent hours watching the boats…. it appears that he was in the navy during that period … During the period that I felt very sad (about 3 years before I “got to know him”) a man regularly sat by my bed at night, I knew, felt and it was not scary but familiar, he comforted me and stayed with me until I slept peacefully .. I could describe him … this turns out to be his deceased father … it was all so terribly confusing. … .. That way there are more things to tell that are no coincidence to me anymore….

We are going to live together and we are sooo happy and are even planning to get married … Of course with ups and downs. The things that we still have to process are many. We complement each other, but we are certainly also opposed to each other, especially in the past, he is sometimes depressed and I usually do not let go, so that we can regularly sort things out. We cannot live without each other, we call a number of times a day, and we are so happy when we see each other again. We regularly say “never without each other”

First, of course, we had to endure the obstacles associated with divorce. Children are also involved and that made it all much more difficult. My children live with us and become completely different children. My son was so sick the day after he was introduced to him, he missed him so much… he thought he was so sweet and, despite being 10 at the time, sitting on his lap more than he ever did with anyone else. After having met 1 time. It has also been a big change for my children, from 2 inward-looking children (apparently that was a consequence of the period before now), they have grown into 2 children who can and may have their own humor, who grow to 2 sensitive but sweet, social people and I am so grateful for that. We see his children every other weekend,

Our soul love is all-embracing. It is a feeling of coming home, being allowed to be who you are with things that are not fun . I have a physical disability and that doesn’t seem to matter … Getting to know yourself by looking in the mirror of the other . Solving old blockages … knowing that everything will be okay, even if you sometimes go deep. But never again alone.

What I found most special was our meeting, the realization and trust that there is always someone … the love the all-embracing love, the infinite love that you can feel for someone. Being able to experience together and share in things…. To be able to supplement things that have happened (probably even for this life) and to be able to draw this independently and tell what it looked like. But also missing each other and even though it sometimes splashes here … knowing that everything will be alright again.

For us, eroticism is a feeling of being. The disappearance of the earth for a moment … The trust in each other … .. I have unfortunately experienced a number of things in my past that have greatly damaged the trust in “the man”. There are very few men in my area that I trust 100%. I trusted him 200% from the start … that’s very nice. Being able to go away together to our own “cloud” … indescribable.

I describe the soul love feeling as all-embracing, overwhelming, sometimes also confusing (because we do not all hold reserves)

My tip is: Don’t look for it … I don’t think it works like this .. Let it come as it comes. If you are not looking, the way is open .. Stay honest with each other. The things that you have to process are not always easy. And also the things that you can supplement together and therefore because of the hustle and bustle in life you often have something like “yes I know that already …” yet take the time to listen to each other. Often because you feel and complement each other, you think you know that you already know how the other reacts, but always take the time for the other to tell and process it.