Q1000. Changed


With the knowledge that I have a twinflame and that there is more between heaven and earth, I have totally changed my thinking and actions. I walk through life with a big smile. I have experienced a very thorough cleaning of the process. But where I am now I only feel love flowing from my twinflame. I hope she can now feel free and happy. I owe all of that to my twinflame, that she supplemented me. And what is yet to come for us are all surprises from above.

Answer 1
Yes and there is no overarching definition of hey. Twin Soul Happiness? can’t beat Prozac. I notice that I keep on growing through and through and yes, I will grow out of it once, no matter how informative a forum is. I have always said to myself “I will continue to question 1000” and that is now haha. How fast. Can go on forever but for me everything about twinflames (what I am concerned about initially, this forum visit) has already been discussed. Perhaps the question system should be turned around, so question 1 at the top, etc. and the newest question all the way down, if you have already brushed through the previous one lol. I hope to inform everyone about our being together and predestination, end of the year … ..?
(Who knows)

Answer 2
Congratulations! You are the 1000th questioner. Yes, I recognize what you write. Going through life with a smile, feeling happy, grateful too, and a deep love for the other. It is deeply radical and indeed a strong cleansing process of the soul. You change completely. It is not that everything from the moment you know who your twinflame is is going smoothly, but you feel why you live, that life has a purpose and that there is much more between heaven and earth.

Answer 3
The thousandth entry in this section and what a beautiful! Thank you for reaching this point, so it’s possible. Perhaps many questions and answers preceded this or not? If you feel that love of hers, it cannot help but be happy.

Answer 4
Answer 1: Lol, correct, throw prozac and other uppers but away, hihihi nice! questioner (although I don’t think this is a question, but okay) I feel with you, big smile.

Answer 5
I am the questioner Thank you for the nice comments which prize have I won now? Or do I get a divine gift?