S091. The soul love has brought me self-awareness and clarification


At the traffic light at two o’clock at night we saw each other and we could no longer ride a bike. We have overwhelmed each other .

I was so shocked
for the first time it was no choice
so intense so intense
this can not exist
he had to send me away
I have sought his limits
he mine
and broke it went
I will always be there

I didn’t have a relationship but he just came out of a seven-year-old. I had a very short, extremely intense relationship with my soul love. Because we both had not worked enough on ourselves, it was very confronting and painful. The connection is so intense that it is unbearable.
We wanted a love relationship together, but we couldn’t handle it. We just broke up, but spiritually the connection is very strong.

The soul love has brought me self-awareness and clarification. What I found most special was knowing how something works without having to speak . The eroticism was much deeper.
A soul love feeling was as if my belly was turning and my body was showing the tension that he felt.
Our relationship has come to an end because I have had an impossible position and no one in the physical world can deal with it. I will be able to love others, but this will not stop.
want to learn how to deal with this and find a new form.
My tip is; don’t shoot away.