Q1167. Why is it that I suddenly feel the contact so strong again?


My love and I have agreed to leave each other alone. He does not dare to contact me because of his own feelings. Now I managed to let go of it recently. But now suddenly he is back again … I think about him all the time, dream about him, I also feel that he is thinking of me … how is that suddenly possible? He will not contact us for the time being .. will I still … secretly .. I know I should not do it, but how come I suddenly feel that contact again so strong?

Answer 1
I am happy to hear that there is someone who has the same as me at the moment. Shared smartI feel less alone with my strong feelings, knowing that there is someone who experiences the same thing. I, too, was pretty well detached from him. It was bearable. I felt good, strong, sturdy. Of course he was in the background. But no longer so emphatically. Now suddenly; dream, feel, him all day in my mind. And there is no escaping, no matter how hard I try. Again a lot of sadness. And you know, I don’t know why it is either … Have a vague suspicion that it is coming from him. That he again surrenders to his feelings for me instead of pushing them away. Awkward huh. I have stopped fighting my feelings, just let them be there and sometimes cry a lot. I find the thoughts difficult, they don’t stop. Everything is brought in again, every detail chewed again. All question marks analyzed endlessly. And what do I get along with? Nothing! Strength!

Answer 2
Thank you for your message. I also find it very difficult. Especially since I cannot ‘understand’ what is the reason for this suddenly again strong present feeling. But maybe no longer wondering but just ‘feel’ it. It is strange that everything is chewed again. Every encounter, every memory, every look, every touch … I relive it all over again. And question marks .. And then I want so much confirmation .. is it true that you now also think of me? For now I will not get the answer to that .. besides the answer my soul gives me then. You strength too. I would say to you; trust your feeling. I now say that to myself.

Answer 3
My relationship and feeling towards twinflame has changed, substantially. Where in the past the thought that he would no longer be there was one that was almost unbearable and even impossible, it is now welcome, a redeeming thought. It is therefore 100% reversed. If I am in a turmoil of feelings now, it is because I have consciously admitted it, and that is why I can more easily distance myself because I am in control. Nr. 1168 fits in nicely with how I personally think. He and I are 2 separate entities, just like literal twins. 2 are different people, each with their own choices. This is how I see my twinflame: I no longer need him and wish him all the happiness in the world. The problem is that he is not that far yet: he does not want me to, he still wants to bind me tightly and as a result gets to see exactly the opposite effect: on the contrary, I start to distance myself from him more or to despise more internally. It’s a shame he doesn’t see that yet, but he may need more time and maybe not.

Answer 4
How recognizable. For a long time I have had a very quiet time in the twinflame field. He was there, but in the background. I was very pleased with the peace, being able to focus on my own relationship again. And then suddenly it hit hard again. Every minute of the day I think of him again, I even feel in love again, when I see him my heart jumps up and when he calls I am just a shaking adolescent. How it comes? No idea. Like you, I think it also comes from the other person. That he is again very busy with me.