S082. Soul Love has brought the best experiences in my life, the feeling of knowing what love is


I fell in love at the age of 20. I was totally out of the world, a sense of being, being understood, being able to share everything. No words needed . This was short-lived.

I currently have a partner. I realize that I have to make a choice for myself. It is not really a difficult decision, but it is emotionally demanding. My partner is jealous, can’t understand, wants me too. But I can’t even explain what it does to me.

I experience soul love as complete tranquility, feeling here and now, effortlessness, understanding, contact at an indescribable level. Being able to read each other like this. It causes enormous confusion and brings my world to a different balance. It gives me the feeling that I have to do something.
I had a love affair with my soul love and after that many years of contact.
An obstacle in that relationship was the difficulty in entering into confrontation. Avoid this intense feeling. At the time I wanted a relationship with my soul love, now I don’t know. It is in the air.

We just got in touch again and that is very charged. But feels like necessary.
Soul Love has brought the best experiences in my life, the feeling of knowing what love is . The most special was the total surrender, trust and coming home to the other. Can be totally myself. Eroticism was also completely different. Much more intense and then it is not so much about the deeds, but about the feeling there. Soul love is an indescribably beautiful feeling for me. I never wanted to miss it despite the misery it brought with it. I experience that the love relationship with my soul love is over as a deep loss. The relationship suddenly ended because the other person was not ready. I am actually looking for a soul love again, something else cannot approach it and it does not give me peace.

I’m not sure what I can do with it if removal takes place.
My tip is; go for it, even if it is short. It is optimal enjoyment