S081. We have found ourselves again since we were together


I met my twinflame while going out at a party, I had only gone because my friend at the time did not want to come along. I also decided that day to leave that relationship and to choose for myself. I met a friend of mine there who had taken a colleague who introduced himself to me …
From that moment we were one! We talked through and through, it seemed as if I was talking to myself, everything he said was so recognizable we were on exactly the same wavelength. The area also disappeared completely. We also embraced each other very deeply, I cannot describe the feeling I got then. I had never felt anything like it , it was pure euphoria, that feeling was mutual.

So I was in a relationship at the time. From the moment I met my twinflame, I was sure that I wanted to share the rest of my life with him. The relationship that I had at the time was not good at all, I gradually phased it out from that moment and let it go in order to be able to fully choose my twinflame. My twinflame gave me that time.

I always knew that in this life I would meet my other half, when I was lonely I felt him, I just had no idea what he would look like. The moment we looked into each other’s eyes, we knew. The feeling I have is very difficult to explain to people who have not met their twinflames . I have been in love many times and have loved people, but the feeling that I have now is different, this transcends everything.
I now feel that I am complete. I now have a love relationship with my twinflame.
We have not encountered any significant obstacles in our relationship. It is true that we are a mirror to each other andthat is very confronting but also very educational. So we are constantly learning from each other . In addition, we are opposites to each other, but opposites with the same vision of life.

We both wanted to enter into a love relationship, we feel that together we have a great life purpose here on earth, a goal that we are going to achieve together. My twinflame and I are currently engaged. From the first moment we saw each other we are sure of each other, we finally found each other again and never let each other go again.

Since we have been together we have found ourselves again , that is a very soothing feeling. I also immediately dropped my ego because I knew he could feel all my insecurities because he had the same, I felt that. We let each other go completely to grow further, we trust each other in that. We know that the other person will always be there for you. We believe in each other. All doubt is gone. I always dreamed of a life together with my dream prince, that dream is now a reality and I experience it together with my baby.
And speaking of special things, we have already experienced so many miracles together and had confirmations that it is just supernatural… and the nice thing is; it doesn’t stop!

Eroticism in our relationship is completely different. I have never experienced anything like this in previous relationships, we are one together, we also have the same breath. It is as if a divine energy is being released.
That is also the feeling that soul love is for me; divine…

What I would also like to say is; do not confuse a relationship with a soulmate with a relationship with your twinflame. My previous relationships were certainly soulmates from whom I learned a lot through misery . Through those experiences I appreciate even more the relationship that I now have with my twinflame.
My tip is; keep talking to each other so that no misunderstandings arise, talk about your uncertainties.
Don’t hang around too long in a relationship that you know isn’t right.
Follow your heart and choose for yourself.