P0070. Space between space …


What have I always seen in your eyes?
Seeing that “open space” has come over!
That is what I see and feel again and again in your eyes
That is what I also see and then feel in my dreams
“To think of all our wonderful thoughts
That brought us there time and again
The open field of all those infinite possibilities
Never forget all my feelings for you
Which are really not within our mind
But rediscover in “the self” between “open space”
Thoughts that flash like violent lightning flashes
Between the limitless part of “our messages”
The “real us” is then “in between”
And brings us the feeling of a soft warm pillow
Where we would like to merge with each other
At that moment we are aware of all those feelings
Where is the reality of “those persons?”
What is the reality of “what is perceived?”
Is it a wide field of infinite possibilities?
Of all those beautiful unforgettable things from the past?
What is our body? Who are those personalities?
Who are we? What place should we take?
“Self” is nowhere, but at the same time “it” everywhere
we could compare it to the “universe”
MOON lasts overwhelming infinity
result, we get quite a feeling for time lost
Thoughts from experiences come last Last
Feelings of love really come first !!!
My “conditioning” for that fantastic feeling
“An association” of “your body odor” with the goal …
Not to connect your beautiful physical body
But to regain your “real” presence !!!