S054. A feeling of never being alone again


I discovered my soul love abroad … I was single at the time. I then knew very vaguely something about twinflames and soul love and when I saw him this boy was going to play a special role in my life and had a wonderful sense of recognition but I cannot say that I immediately thought of soul love! feeling of recognition and I told a friend who was abroad with me at the time, but I don’t think she understood. I myself was completely overwhelmed and did not recognize myself at all anymore, I was so happy and happy that I saw him and so a stranger at the time .. We have e-mailed and called and texted for a year…. he came to Holland for three months and lived in my house and then he had to go back to his own country. When he was in the Netherlands we encountered many obstacles in our relationship – my parents who were clearly against it, – absolutely no understanding of people around me, – Language barrier, – culture barrier. One would like a love affair with him. It didn’t happen 5 years ago for the reasons above …. but he has always remained in contact … We call by email and send text messages ……… .. not at all satisfactory
What soul love has brought me is a feeling of never being alone again…. although there is 3000 km between us … And a very warm feeling … That still happens … If we let something be heard by SMS and there is, for example, a few days in between, then send an SMS at the same time … there is no second difference in that and that has happened to us a hundred times … .. At that moment we actually do not even have to read the text anymore because that soul contact is not enough.
In terms of eroticism we have exactly the same desires and needs and no shame for anything …
The soul love feeling is very special and something that is only mine because to whomever I would tell there is no one who understands this love between us !!!!
I see that we don’t have a love affair now as a huge loss…. every day … every hour we think of each other but I am convinced that now that we have lived together for 5 years we have been able to learn so much more than we had already gone through life together .
I think if everyone met their soul love, there would be much more love in this world