Q1393. Want to totally change my life, but how?


For the sake of convenience, I call him a twinflame (twinflame) because I think he is, as strong as he suits me, I recognize myself in his mirror, yes, everything that can be found on the internet about twinflames applies to us. I have known him for a few years now and our contact has gone from nice friendly with a big spiritual click, to intense and intense. He leads the life that I would like to lead. He understands, he simply understands how life works and looks at it the same as me. The first time we spoke, this feeling hit us like a bomb; He understood me and everything around us. Wow, I had never felt that intense with anyone. In the time that we have established our contact, this feeling has only become stronger and I would. love to step out of my life from here and move on into his world. They are two worlds that are somewhat apart, which is why I say so. However, I am married, have children and am bound to my life as it is today in every way possible. Who recognizes the strong desire for the other, and can give me advice on how to deal with this? I know I can’t just throw everything out the window and leave with the northern sun. I don’t want that at all. But how can I do it? Is it a slow process that will ever take me where I belong? Or is it better to get a divorce and start my life the way I would like to see it? Or can I combine it? The latter would be the best, but maybe I think that is because it is the way of least resistance? It is not that I am suffocating today, I am quite happy, but I miss “something” and what that something is, has been completely clear to me since I knew him. And it is also something that I will never find with my husband. I have a lovely man, nothing to complain about, but this piece, which is becoming an increasingly important piece of who I am, he will never be able to offer me. I’m not getting it right and your opinion is welcome!

Answer 1
Why don’t you make friends with your twinflame? You can start by emailing your twinflame to describe what you are feeling. You share each other’s feelings so that you can better place them for yourself. filling up with the other. As the weather develops, you can enter into a friendship by meeting each other to drink coffee together, for example. Your twinflame needs you, which is what you miss and otherwise he needs you. I have the same feeling I am single but miss her again she has a husband and children and maybe she is also married I don’t know.

Answer 2
Coincidentally, I have been thinking about this for 2 weeks. I have his feeling that now I have to do something. I say wait and see that you fully support it and go by your feelings. It makes no sense if your head is still with your partner and your soul with your twinflame. When I go by my feelings I say I’m almost there.

Answer 3
See my experience story about the struggle … I think that a friendship does not work but a relationship does not have to work because it can be very intense. if it has to be, then it will come naturally. I have concluded that we are not going to belong together this life. perhaps a next life. whoever ‘goes’ first will be waiting for the other. cherish what you have now, your time will come. still here, perhaps over several lifetimes. Kind regards,