S048. Soul love has brought me peace


I got to know my soul love through a foundation site. It was only in her profile that she was in relationship, blonde and slim. No more. I also did not respond to that because I do not normally fall on bond. But she responded to my profile because she didn’t like that I hadn’t left her a message.
How did we discover it? She was with her girlfriend / niece with a fortune teller because that girl goes there more often with her. My soul love does not do that and is normally just there. Until the penultimate time … the fortune teller spoke to her at the end of the session and said: “you don’t have to say anything, but recently a man has come into your life with whom you are intimate, it is your twinflame!” “I feel it in the energy you radiate.” Normally this down-to-earth lady was smiley, but now she only got a nervous smile on her lips and a note printed in her hands with an internet address by the fortune teller.
I am still married and very happy with my wife. BUT…. my wife knows nothing about my twinflame. That has everything to do with the fact that she is not feeling well, she finds herself too fat and unattractive. My twinflame, on the other hand, is slim. I would greatly hurt my wife if I confessed to her that my soul love was slim and blond. So now just say nothing and on the “bad path” labeled by society. But it is my path of life and society cannot do anything about it. It’s my way and not the highway!
What happened. After e-mail changes of sometimes an A4 by e-mail, we made a date in a pub. I saw her then for the first time walking with her boyfriend and my god … what a beauty! Totaaaaaal not normally my type, but once in the pub we were able to talk to each other very well and look each other in the eye. After that our e-mails became more intense and we talked more often about our confused feelings. I did not dare to say that I was madly in love with her while she knew that it was me and vice versa. She spoke about things that had happened in her past and released feelings that she has always suppressed. She was normally the tough aunt who could handle everything and waved away all problems. In reality, she curled everything up and I released it with her.We sometimes sat together in front of the screen, crying for each other’s grief and the beauty of what we now shared with each other. She flourished and her partner has thanked me several times that I have stepped into their lives.
I still have a relationship with my soul love and it is very open. I am 100% honest with her and dare to tell her things I would never say to anyone. I can be myself with her and she with me. That’s so wonderful about this!
An obstacle in our relationship is the fact that I have to do everything secretly so as not to hurt my wife is not a real obstacle. We see each other once a week or so. So the time can be bridged with e-mail.
We would have irrevocably chosen each other if we had met 16 years earlier. She then met her current boyfriend and I my wife. The striking thing is that she met her boyfriend in the same pub as me and there are really a lot of pubs in our neighborhood.
We now have a relationship where we see each other once a week or less and have time to enjoy each other physically. For the rest, we tell each other everything but then everything via e-mail.

Soul love has brought me peace . I was always on the prowl to get a girlfriend (with my partner’s permission because we have an open relationship, which is now a little less open) but none of them was good enough for me …
Now that restlessness is gone and I get an enormous positive power of hair. She experiences the same. Her partner is still grateful to me for having a girlfriend with whom he can talk and share feelings.
The most special was our first intimate encounter. That fitted precisely and felt so familiar. We both had different partners, but nothing was as good as this. It just felt incredibly familiar and everything is right. The soul love feeling is Love in its purest form … with a capital L.
The way I make love with her (no it’s not having sex) I never did it with my own partner. I myself am a person who has experimented a lot and is quite kinky and has a lot of “normal sex”. But with her everything is different, I have absolutely no desire (at the moment (?)) To do kinky or do I know what else, it is pure love to make love!

I find it incredibly difficult not to talk to my partner about it because I would really like to tell her why this man hugs and kisses the sun in the house and why he can handle everything so easily and does mountains of work , helping her solve her problem … it’s so damn difficult and purely because my soul love is a slender blonde and my wife is a big, slender brunette.

I don’t know if I’m already in the situation to help other people with tips. I do know that you just have to give in and enjoy the perfection of your soul. Opposing makes no sense.