S044. Become more myself and more depth


I followed a meditation course and he was on the team that supervised that. The attraction arose after a few months. I was not in a relationship. At first I didn’t really like him, he didn’t like me either. But the feelings became very intense. Over the course of time ranging from knowing someone without knowing someone, feeling someone well, knowing remotely how the other person feels, seeing someone while the person is not present. All very intense, very beautiful! I have had an on-off relationship with him. This took around two years. I ran into many unprocessed issues from my past. A lot of old came up very much.
We have the desire for a love affair but not at the same time. At the moments that I wanted it, he didn’t want it and vice versa.

We no longer have contact. I miss the feeling I had with him and the deep contact I had with him.

What it has brought me is too much to mention, I have been substantially changed by him. Got a lot of insights in contact with him, my interests changed, became more interested in spirituality, became more myself. And more depth.
What I find most special is the feeling of unconditional love … and unity.
Eroticism was also completely different, much more intense, was regularly touched, spiritual experiences gained in contact with him, seeing God in the other … WOW!

Soul love feels intense and complete.
The relationship ended because our personalities were too different. And we didn’t fit together for that matter. I would like a soul love again!