S040. It is so recognizable to me


Is it possible to get in touch with the lady who is currently the fourth person (Unknown) who has mentioned her story in Soul Love Declarations? It is so recognizable to me. Also the feeling that you think you are paranoid because your twinflame is in your head every day. He is present stronger than ever. I have known my twinflame since I was 16 years old. In two months I will be 41. I only have contact with him via email. To date, not much has happened between him and me. Apparently not allowed either. Am now, after a relationship of 16 years, officially divorced over a year ago. My twinflame is married and also has three children (also two boys and a girl!). I have a strong feeling that we are still coming together in this life. But when? Time will tell.

Nice site, my compliments! I regularly look at this and find it very nice that you can read that there are many more people who experience this. I don’t have anyone in my area who experiences this