S043. All worries, heaviness and sorrow disappeared


I have discovered my soul love by experiencing it in the soul with soul awareness.
I experienced that as intense, confusing, with moments of disbelief and doubtful. Others also reacted suspiciously. My partner could partly understand. She was quite dismissive and unbelieving towards my soul love

We have a platonic, friendly relationship, a marriage relationship in my imagination for a while. Companions, child parent, student teacher, disciple master. An obstacle is that the outside world understands little about it. And the distance that often separates us is often difficult for me. I would like to have a love affair with her because it brings benefits to ourselves and indirectly to the whole environment.
I think the relationship we have now is reasonably satisfactory. I realize that it depends on my own efforts how good the relationship is. I still lack concentration, am busy with too many other things.

Soul Love has brought a foundation to my life. A guide, a guide. An incentive to constantly tinker with myself for improvement. What I find most special about soul love is that all worries, gravity and sorrow disappeared, were completely gone and only golden, warm love light remained that was ‘perfect’ in one word.

I would describe the soul love feeling as; often buried under tensions and trivial matters. Tar, trampled quickly, but always rebounding, pure as a child. A soul’s love is forever!

My tip is; always be honest to the core, to the core of your soul, with yourself and your love feeling