S292. All I see is a reflection of myself


The first time I saw him, I thought ‘hey, there you are’ … It was different with him, but I found a ‘special’ girl.
I was happy but at the same time I didn’t want to fall in love.
Our relationship was telepathic, feeling each other, already knew that I would meet him before I met him.

I had no partner at the time … but I was often alone in nature and tried to work on ‘myself’ as much as possible.

An obstacle was that the family had found out and disagreed … in addition, I still had many hidden emotions that I wasn’t aware of, all of which came up.

What it has brought me is the knowledge that everything I see is a reflection of myself, and true love is in all of us even when we do not always feel it.

My tip: Don’t go looking but let yourself be found